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Pack of 4 Personalised Wheelie Bin Stickers - £1.45 delivered @ eBay / auctionpax

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Good price - was going to start with a bin joke, but it was rubbish.

There's another style here - ebay.co.uk/itm…319

Personalising info:

Please enter your number and street details as required on your house sign into the EBAY


Alternatively you can send an us an EBAY message after the sale with the details.

This must be received within 4 hours of purchase otherwise we will use your registered ebay address

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for making sure your number and street name are correct including punctuation and spelling

4 Identical bin numbers (1 set)

  • Measuring:
  • 150mm x 100mm (A6)
  • 3 options
  • 4 Lines of text
  • House number and street name

To apply sticker, peel off paper backing and stick onto clean smooth surface

Hope it helps someone
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  1. donny's avatar
    These are very helpful for emergency services trying to find the correct address in the dark, especially if the road is full of properties with house names only
  2. T3SLA's avatar
    It almost makes no difference if you do or don't have these, a neighbour might still take your bin "by accident" and then give it back to you two weeks later full of their (mixed) rubbish like they did to me
    cliosport65's avatar
    Thanks for the idea
  3. DopeyDunker's avatar
    I never used to think these were worth it until I got one of my neighbours bin back and they'd been dumping unbagged cat litter in it!
  4. harvey.atkins's avatar
    Be the guy that is the only one on the street not to have these. Makes it even easier to identify yours
    Maxim7750's avatar
    That's me
  5. boostii's avatar
    I'm surprised the bin men will even go down Dingleberry Avenue, it sounds disgusting. Can't believe at least 92 people live down a road named that.
    bd1981bd's avatar
    Wouldn't dangleberry avenue be worse? Pain in the backside trying to get up that street!
  6. kobrakaan1's avatar
    for the last 5 years we haven't had a door number after getting a new front door and not wanting to screw anything or stick anything to it (note we have a small wooden awning over the door but never got round to getting a number on that or our bins) and had zero issues with parcels and deliveries and post or getting our bins back on bin day (edited)
  7. berisford's avatar
    Good price but number font could be bolder…………
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