Pack of 4 The Snowman toilet rolls 69p @ home bargains

Pack of 4 The Snowman toilet rolls 69p @ home bargains

Found 25th Feb 2014
Found in workington store, big pile of them.
Made by Nicky.
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no wonder there is a big pile of them. I imagine theres a big pile on the people that use them too. They hurt.

Sorry, that was cheap.

AND the gag!

♫ I’m Wiping through the hair ♫
cool - not bad
It's not a Snowman, it's a Snowoman as it's got snow balls!!!!

Badum tish!!!

The Snowman and the Snow Bog X)
For the snowman's sake, I hope this offer doesn't get too hot!
cheers, that's next years crimbo sorted then
Surely if there is 1 character out there, who doesn't want to do a big steaming pooh, it's the snowman!
Cold, not going to poo all over a childhood memory
Voted hot but worried these would encourage my kids to use more loo roll, so I'm not buying
I just don't get it...

Dad: "Hey kids, you love watching the snowman don't you?"
Kids: "Yes daddy we do!"
Dad: "Then here you go, I thought you'd take pleasure in wiping your bodily waste all over him and flushing him down the sewer"
Kids: "Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! Mummy!!!!" *SOB* *SOB* "Daddy's gone mental!"

How else is this going to play out unless your kids are called Wednesday and Pugsley?
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