Pack of 75 Christmas Decorations £4.99 @ argos
was £9.99 5 different colour packs stock showing in the hull branches


Great price, probably want Argos in your title.

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Great price, probably want Argos in your title.

thanks mate I forgot

Had a pack of these, not great, the hoops are weak and the finish on them are poor.

11% TCB if you fast track!

Christmas decorations are soo cool

Aside from the fact it's takes ages to thread the strings through them all and that the disastrous glitter gets absolutely everywhere they're ok for the price! We've just finished putting them up Zzz

Bought a set of red. Quality is awful, would never pay full price for them. Very disappointed.

got these yup you gotta thread them and yup glitter gets everywhere when you do but they look lovely and it was worth the effort. Really pleased.
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