Pack of WiperBlades - Different Sizes Available- Poundland

Pack of WiperBlades - Different Sizes Available- Poundland

Found 25th Aug 2011
Was in my local poundland (eldon square)

and picked up a pack of 2 wiper blades, they had loads of different sizes available......Bargain you cannot go wrong for a pound

Not sure if its nationwide but if your near a one wont harm to pop in and check


Wipers are vital components on a car .... do not skimp on them.

I agree, don't pay Halfrauds or main dealer prices.

LIDL do great quality ones when they are in.

When you are passing a lorry on the motorway at 90 MPH in the pouring rain you may well regret spending £1 on your wipers!

We tried these, beware they are crap! They went straight in the bin!


beware they are crap!

Really, for a quid? What a shock.

Bit like putting rubbish tyres on your car. Not really recommended

90MPH???? surely not - that would be illegal and dangerous...

You can " go wrong " for a pound, if one of these breaks ( likely ) and scratches your windscreen, they will be very expensive wipers.

Don't skimp on something so vital to your, and others safety.

Last time I bought a pack of two wipers in poundland, they charged me two pounds (one for each wiper).

Guy walks into car parts shop asks for a pair of wiper blades for a Skoda....

....guy behind the counter replies 'ok you're on, sounds like a fair swap' ;-)
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