Packard Bell Core 2 Duo Laptop - 160gb - 1gb RAM - Vista Upgrade Included - £599

Packard Bell Core 2 Duo Laptop - 160gb - 1gb RAM - Vista Upgrade Included - £599

Found 13th Jan 2007
As some of you may be aware I've been searcing for a laptop around the £550 mark. I have just opened the newspaper and found a good deal on a Packard Bell model at PC World.

Core 2 Duo T5200
1.66 GHz
533 Mhz FSB
2MB Cache
1024 mb RAM
160 GB Hard drive
DVD Rewriter
Built in webcam and skype
Vista upgrade included

The paper does say that it is a special deal with an extra £100 off. Looks a good spec with a huge hard drive. I could be tempted.


The spec is great for the price, but I wouldn't buy a Packard Bell myself to be honest. I've heard bad reports about them.
Interesting find all the same.

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That is the one thing that I'm not sure about.

I was going to ask if people have any experiences, good or bad, with Packard Bell.

I bought a Packard Bell pc from Pc world around two weeks ago and it has been great so far! The only downside was having to delete all the Aol software and other things that was pre installed on it, apart from that i would say go for it, good spec for the price!

I've had my Packard Bell desktop for 2 and a half years and it still runs perfectly. Never had any trouble with it.

Great spec, nice find mate.

Good price for Core 2 Dup notebook Ricky

If eligible, you can get another 5% off using code perkzjn7

The Acer for £550 is better IMO. It does have a smaller HD, but in all other aspects it is better.

(Acer available in PC World, Dixons, Currys)

Personally I wouldn't touch a Packard Bell, I use to work work DSG and have sold them for the past 7 years. I've also had one in the past.

My current desktop is a packard bell ixtreme 6050 - 2002 model. I really dont like it, and have had a bit of trouble with it so I wouldnt reccommend the brand, but for laptops it might be different. I bought a ACER laptop for xmas and it's really good, much better than my desktop - lol. Nice laptops in comet around this spec.


This is a much better machine:…spx

I had the original and took it back

I always recommend Packard Bell because they always go wrong and I get paid to fix them.


This is a much better machine: … This is a much better machine: had the original and took it back

Excellent spec acer

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