Packard Bell Recon Laptop - Core2Duo/120GB/1GB/Vista Premium/ - £319.99 Delivered At Currys!!

Packard Bell Recon Laptop - Core2Duo/120GB/1GB/Vista Premium/ - £319.99 Delivered At Currys!!

Found 26th Jul 2007
A nice price for this reconditioned Packard Bell Recon Laptop, model MZ36-T015. It is very full featured for this price, Core2Duo T5500, 1GB RAM, 120GB HDD, 256MB ATi Xpress 200 Graphics, Vista Premium & 15.4" Widescreen.

This is a reconditioned product and comes with a full 12-month warranty. A reconditioned product is a product that has been returned by a customer and has since been refurbished to new. It has been data cleansed, professionally checked and tested, and reboxed with all applicable accessories. That means you can buy with peace of mind and make great savings.

It is £319, using the codes deliverfree & AW30AUG. Quidco also available.


Thanks Emasu , been waiting a while to buy a laptop and finally just took the plunge and ordered one of these. Showing over £500 at PC World !!! And 3.5% with quidco :thumbsup:


Good find. Voted hot

This has better graphics than the Acer deal posted earlier for £339.00 excluding, great deal!

out of stock already!!

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Shows how small the stock levels on these are.. will expire. PM me if it becomes unexpired

For anyone that has missed this but wants one...

I recently missed the similarly priced/spec Compaq refurb laptop from Currys/PCWorld. What I did was bookmark the Currys and PCWorld links, and then check them every now again to see if it was back in stock.

Anyway I got lucky, one day I happened to check by clicking the bookmark, and it was in stock. Ordered it and it got delivered no problems. I wasn't even obsessive about the checking, I just clicked it every couple of days on the off chance!

Worth a try for anyone that wants a reasonably priced laptop but isn't desperate and can wait a bit.

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Back in stock at £319!! Great price
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