Packard bell TBM69 15.6" laptop £219.99 @  eBay/co-operativeelectrical

Packard bell TBM69 15.6" laptop £219.99 @ eBay/co-operativeelectrical

Found 24th Jun 2014
Looking for a general word processing laptop for work and thought this was a silly price. 4Gb memory and 1tb hdd. The celeron processor isn't going to set the world on fire but hey, I'm not an arsonist.
Er,1st post ,by the next one I'll have learned how to upload a photo!


Similar spec one was posted earlier ,I think from Argos . Sorry but why the 1TB drive ( Great) with a Celeron processor (Worse than poor)-don't even think about it for word processing -unless you write very slow - slightly better than a digital photo frame -but only just (_;)
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I disagree. This will be fine for word processing. It may take a second or two to load the program, but then it'll take as long as you type.

I remember that www used to use word processors on machines with just a single megabyte of RAM. Of course, the software has advanced a lot to suck up the amazing hardware, but still we type at the same speed.

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Slightly daft comment IMO about it not being useful for word processing, as the atom powered netbook I bought for my granddaughter plays hd films and streams with no problem, with 1gb ram. Having now set it up it'll react faster than my son can touch type, which is pretty damned quick!
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