Packs of Cereal Bars = Nutri-Grain 2 for £3 & Go Ahead 89p each @ Tesco Metro In Store

Packs of Cereal Bars = Nutri-Grain 2 for £3 & Go Ahead 89p each @ Tesco Metro In Store

Found 24th Apr 2008
I'm always on the lookout for price reductions on the price of cereal bars; especially in my local Tesco store- they've become my only food source of a morning! But they're rarely on offer and when they are I tend to put-off stocking up and the next time I go in (usually within the same week) they're back to full price, working out at worst to about 37p per bar. But I noticed, not just one brand, but a range of my favourite cereal bars were on offer today in my local Tesco Metro store in Liverpool city centre, so I took the opportunity to stock up

Nutri-Grain Elevenses (6 bars) = 2 packs for £3.00 (*raisin flavour / ginger flavour*)
Nutri-Grain Grain Baked Bars (6 bars) = 2 packs for £3.00

Go Ahead Fruit Bakes (6 bars per pack) = reduced to £0.89 per box (*I think thats half the usual price)
Go Ahead Yogurt Bakes (6 bars per pack) = *as above*

I think the standard Nutri-Grain packs were also on a similar offer (flavours such as blueberry, strawberry and apple etc), but I'm not as keen on those, so I didn't pay as much attention.

I don't know about other stores, maybe Asda or Sainsbury's have similar offers going, but as a regular Tesco-shopper (and club card holder) this was an ideal offer for me. I spent just under £10 on a combination of the various packs and got 48 bars in total, which works out to 20p a bar on average.

Get yours while they're oatey!!!
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Hot deal, Mr Oatey
Original Poster
I should probably mention that this seems to be an in-store deal only, I've added voucher codes, bt obviously they won't apply! :-D
Original Poster
Another correction on my part (haha)...either the Yogurt Go Ahead's or the Fruit ones (my receipt doesn't specify which) are 92p per pack, not 89p, but what's 3p between friends?! :thumbsup:
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