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Learning Python, at Packtpub
Found 30th MayFound 30th May
Learning Python, at Packtpub. Learning Python. eBook Info: Learning Python has a dynamic and varied nature. With this book, it will take you all the way to creating a fully fled… Read more

I am coming from an Ops background and now an AWS engineer so only recently started writing some Python scripts in Lambda. I have to say I'm getting the hang of it but not very good at it :( Are there any good resources someone can recommend for learning Python with the BOTO3 SDK?


And now for something completely different...


thanks, reading this now


That's the true pythonic way.


C/C++ programmer by the sounds of it!. (y)

AWS Administration - The Definitive Guide at Packtpub
Found 7th MayFound 7th May
AWS Administration - The Definitive Guide at Packtpub. Every day Packtpub offer a free programming related ebook. It does require you to signup with them though. AWS Administrati… Read more

Your welcome.


Cheers thanks


It’s their free book of the day. You just need to create an account. No sub to sign up for. Well worth joining. They give away some good titles.


14 days trial ans then £25 a month...


Cheers OP! (y)

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Free Learning - Free Programming eBooks @PACKT
Found 6th MarFound 6th Mar
Claim a free tech book every day and keep it forever.


Look at the bottom of the page to see the free ones.


Do I getted a NUS card and Unidays and ac. email account and Student Prime with this :/ (popcorn)




Truly awesome stuff - I visit this page quite frequently. They have great give-aways in Python.

Learning Python at Packtpub
Found 26th JanFound 26th Jan
Learning Python at Packtpub. Every day Packtpub offer a free programming related ebook. It does require you to signup with them though. Learning Python. It is available for 20:1… Read more

I see what happened to that link now (after I went to 'edit' mode) ... HUKD truncated my Freebie link to: "" Instead of just: "" It's just one of those things at time's?. :-)


As per my Freebie Deal above: "be quick if you want it.…ing" I always make additional mention of my Deal's link's in almost every Deal I've ever Posted on here ... And in the case of Deal's I've Posted on here in the last 1 Year+ at least, it's been of always! (be they Freebies or otherwise), lol. :-D It's all good though. :-)


anything for free is by definition the best deal anyone could possibly get - only a bonehead would vote it cold :)


Another one? amour3kyou related to DK Khaled? or you have shares in Pactpub? (lol) (lol)


I assume because people see it as duplicate posts - Books are available via the same link every day and this book has been available twice before

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Modern Python Cookbook at Packtpub
Found 22nd JanFound 22nd Jan
Modern Python Cookbook at Packtpub. Every day Packtpub offer a free programming related ebook. It does require you to signup with them though. Modern Python Cookbook. It is avai… Read more

Hahahahahahahahaha, ruddy hell!, looooool, thanx. :-D


A few other titles you can select too. I used a few emails addresses and got 4 free books that might come in handy but I was hoping to get a book on CakePHP


Watch that.. (y)


Maybe I'm missing something, what's with all the Python and Spam talk? (genuine question). As I don't get it, lol. :-)


You're all welcome. :-)

Free daily Technical Ebook @ packtpub
Found 19th JanFound 19th Jan
I know this has been posted before but I like to let the new members know. On Packt Publishing they post a free ebook everyday. I hope some may find it useful. Today's book is: Ma… Read more

Already Posted: It's all good though, share away. :-)


Thanks, I shared this with junior colleagues


Need one of those .... good find


Definite cure for insomnia... (ninja)

Mastering Ubuntu Server at Packtpub Free
Found 19th JanFound 19th Jan
Mastering Ubuntu Server at Packtpub. Every day Packtpub offer a free programming related ebook. It does require you to signup with them though. Mastering Ubuntu Server. It is av… Read more

Glad to help. :-)


Amen to that, thanx, and your welcome. :-)


Thanks Op. I don't deal with Linux at work or in my everyday life but it is always useful to have and it is free. Also there are other free books going to be available. Win, win.


Fair enough, but that fall's into irrelevance (so to speak), purely for one reason (as you also rightly pointed out), "this deal being on each day but not what each day's book"?. Yes, each day will be different (so well within the rules ... ) Rules aside though, can you honestly tell me that 6 Month's from now you're exactly going to remember that original poster's Post reminding you of such? (or better yet, even this time 1 Month from now?), lol. Reminders are always helpful in my book? (that's my moto anyway, lol), especially for something like this that may//may not necessarily stay still?). That aside again, more than 1 year back I used to Post this up on here in the HUKD Freebie Section, on an almost daily basis give or take a 1 day on, 1 day off here or there method or two ... (scroll through my earlier of early Deal's etc to see such?). :-) They stopped giving out their freebie book's about 2 week's either end of Christmas/New Year (give or take, about 1 Month in total?) - so (within reason of course), anything moving forward now is fair game. :-) But thanx anyway. :-)


Decent read, thanks!

packtpub - free book each day is back on
Found 18th JanFound 18th Jan offer a free computer related ebook each day. Today's is Practical Mobile Forensics. It finishes at midnight - but they'll probably offer another title tomorrow - and … Read more

Damn i missed this. Does anyone have the book they can send me as its Ubuntu Server today. Thanks


Cheers (y)


Thanks for this.

Tech books and videos for just $5 (£4.56) each  @ packtpub
Found 20th Dec 2017Found 20th Dec 2017
Packt, a tech publisher, are offering all books and videos on their site for $5 (£4.56) each until 17th January. Perfect for anyone who works in or has an interest in tech, and a g… Read more
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Maybe you can add this also to your eBook arsenal?. :-) Enjoy:


mastering blockchain lol


Used Packt for years. Quality varies depending on who writes them (as with all books). Generally, I thought their ebooks have always been pretty good. Certainly no worse than any other book company. Their support is also excellent. Always replied back to emails within 48 hours when I've contacted them. Packt videos can vary greatly, especially now they are using 3rd party videos. A lot of the 3rd party ones are also found on sites such as Udemy (Yes, I know Packt produced videos are also on Udemy). They are generally on the shorter side (3 hours) which isn't always a bad thing. I had one that was definitely a synth voice and that was annoying. Their content so far has been ok, sometimes don't cover quite enough for my taste. They often have an ebook of the same name as the video courses. You'll find the ebook covers way more topics but its also more a grind to get through. One thing to remember is that Udemy minimum price is now 10 euroes which means these courses are half the price of what Udemy will ever be. Another thing to note is that you can pre-order future books/videos at this price. I usually stock up at this time of year (this $5 sale always seems to happen in Dec). The main reason I use Packt ebooks and videos is that they are DRM free. You can download the ebooks in PDF, epub and mobi versions and also read them online. Their videos are also available as a download (1 zip so no downloading 1 video at a time) and available online. Basically, for £4.56 you can do a lot worse. Hot from me.


I've just bought a couple of videos on Vmware Horizon 7 and one Vmware AppVolumes. The audio quality is not great, but the content seems OK.


The problem with YouTube, you go there looking for something,but there's always something more interesting (especially when I'm at work)... :)

Android UI Design FREEBIE book - packtpub
Found 1st Nov 2017Found 1st Nov 2017
Absolute stellar find for someone like myself, who has a few plans in that direction... "Plan, design, and build engaging user interfaces for your Android applications Take an … Read more
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even better than that... they offer free ebooks ALL yr round (incl w/es, & b/hs)!!! :D each free ebook is available for 24hrs, starting/ending at midnight UK time.


Looks like they are offering free ebooks every day from today to 7th.


same here... yh, it wasn't working earlier as the numpties hadn't put the "grab this book" link up on their webpage properly! i've had it a few times (tbf, not many), but they've usually got it sorted within a few hrs... it certainly is now!


Thanks OP I grab one of these free books most days but they've changed something on their site today. Couldn't find until I tried your link.

IT based ebooks all down to £9.22 at  packtpub
Found 15th Sep 2017Found 15th Sep 2017
I believe that is their real worth compared to their usual highly inflated prices. .. Some interesting titles /books in there..

The books I've seen from them haven't been very well written. YMMV These days I'm tending more to Pluralsight or Udemy courses as for many topics the books are out of date as soon as they're written, which is a shame as I prefer books (looking at you web technologies)


I know this company and worth signing up for their newsletter. The often have great deals and freebies. very community orientated staff team too :-)


Urgh, I hate clowns. Cold. Joking of course. This is a deals site, so we must be pennywise.


I love the way that the EU insists that VAT be charged on e-books whereas it isn't on paper ones. Somehow I doubt it will change upon leaving though. :-)

Building virtual pentesting labs eBook
Found 8th Jul 2017Found 8th Jul 2017
Building Virtual Pentesting Labs for Advanced Penetration Testing Build intricate virtual architecture to practice any penetration testing technique virtually Build and enhance yo… Read more

expired, back up to £19.80


Virtual penetration testing? Does it come know... attachments?


Still got some useful stuff on the use of VMs And this: Broken Web Application Project virtual machine from Open Web Application Security Group (OWASP) available at has been undated to 2017.


published in 2014. A bit like reading a book on the future of UK in Europe written in 2014.


Thanks, also available as a free PDF! :)

Packt Publishing - Forever Free pdf ebooks - free email registration required
Found 13th May 2017Found 13th May 2017
Main link is to Thinking in CSS, other links below Thinking in CSS - What You Need To Know About Angular 2 - https://www.… Read more

​you've nothing to worry about from me, just glad to see some respect here for a change and that includes r37r0


Looks like I've met my 2 nemeses in you 2 guy's above, huh?, hehehe. And in the same 1 place also?, not bad that at allllll, hahahahaha. ;-) Well done guys. :-)


Hahahahaha, no problem, your welcome as well, lol. And yes, I have realised, that I too am in direct competition with you via this also ... hehehehe. :-)


Cheers amour3k. Sometimes i manage to post before amour3k when the book changes at midnight


Hahaha, yep!, hence my taking notes on you too, touché to you still, lol. Thanx also anyway. :-)

Learning Object-Oriented Programming at Packtpub
Found 30th Apr 2017Found 30th Apr 2017
Learning Object-Oriented Programming at Packtpub. Every day Packtpub offer a free programming related ebook. It does require you to signup with them though. Learning Object-Orien… Read more

I hear you, BUT, it also depends on your interpretation too I guess?. After all, I'm pretty sure by 3guesses initial comment, that they too were NOT familiar with my Freebie Deal same way?, or ..... Plus, if you also scroll through the body of those same alleged so-called 'milking posts' of mine of the same ilk, you will find (more often than not), there's at LEAST 1 person commenting on there in appreciation of that then said posting of my Freebie Deal upon there, etc? (and sometimes 2-3+ comments stating such also?, so ..... ) Not everyone is in the same ball park (3guesses being notably 1 of them one's possibly not formally knowing of this previously too, and the like?), as somewhat all knowing it all already or whatever? (or else, everyone would clearly be able to bypass my posts altogether, and go directly there regardless, etc etc?). So, my insistence in these, clearly means that more/some more others, are however obviously still benefiting some out there?. :-) And it's for them I do it for, more than that of anything else like ... Thanx for the feedback anyway. :-)


Probably not ... anti-repitition maybe. The daily book freebie is ongoing and perhaps a reminder of it every once in a while would be met with a more charitable response. 107/163 postings from one poster may be perceived as over-egging an offer?


Voted cold? Are HUKD members so anti-learning?




Learning Object-Oriented Programming at Packtpub. Every day Packtpub offer a free programming related ebook. It does require you to signup with them though. Learning Object-Oriented Programming. It is available for 23:13 hours so there's still time, but be quick if you want it.

Free "Raspberry Pi for Secret Agents" book from Packt. Today Only.
Found 27th Apr 2017Found 27th Apr 2017
Fantastic offer for anyone interested in computers, electronics, and Raspberry Pi.
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Got it, thanks.


They are copyrighted, of course, and currently almost 1GB in PDF format. The subjects are diverse, from Android to Unity, via Kali and Wireshark. Some programming language stuff, some database stuff, but all stuff that might be of use either at work or home. They do also repeat the books occasionally.


Hi. Do you mind sharing your collection of free ebooks from paktpub? I only registered today but it seems to have interest books.


Heat to OP. I just registered without having to add any funding a good un.


No, you create an account and log in to get the free book every day. I don't remember committing to a trial, or cancelling one. I currently have over 150 of these books in a library, just in case they ever become useful.