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7000 Computer/IT Ebooks and videos ( including web development) £4.76 from Packt publishing (£3.92 each in bulk) - Some courses on Udemy
Found 7th JanFound 7th Jan
Packt publishing have had a sale on recently with all ebooks and videos available for $5 each for a limited period - end date unknown.... Theyve sent out an email tonight to ext… Read more


Udemy are less predatory with the authors, thier platform is better and the work structured better to fit with the authors day job. Packt will find and harass experts(and sometimes non experts) in a field to publish a title, have agressive deadlines ( which authors frequently contain about, as it usually means they have to take weeks off to write, and it's universally agreed that the platform is awful ( you have to submit your chapters on thier own web based system. You can't write something in word and email it to them). Given that there's little money in this, having a system of process that affects your day job isnt the right thing to do , any expert in a field will always be practising thier subject usually commercially , to force them to stop that... Not good!. You'll see these complaints on Glassdoor etc .


So why not say that in the first place? Whats the difference between Packt and Udemy then from an authors perspective? Genuine question I dont know much about this area...


I have an issue with packt and how they treat thier staff and authors, not the deal itself. I voted hot btw.


So why do you put people off Packt if its the same course? makes no sense to me...

PACKT Annual Sale
Found 22nd Dec 2018Found 22nd Dec 2018
PACKT Publishing are now giving away their ebooks for £ 4.76 today. A very decent publishing house with a variety of content.

There's nothing on his wiki about him being good at web design.


I don't think you understand the meaning of "giving away".

Packt Publishing (IT Books and Videos) have all 6500 ebooks and videos for $5 each  (£4.77). Cheaper than Udemy on some courses
Found 17th Dec 2018Found 17th Dec 2018
Packt publishing (who are a UK based publisher of a large range of IT books and videos) have a sale on with all ebooks and videos at $5 (approx £4.77 each inc vat). A lot of their … Read more

The prices seem to have reduced by around £1....... The Complete Web Developer Course 2 is showing as £3.98!!! The rest are £3.97


Great price, just in time to for new years resolutions... I started learning Python recently, so I guess I timed it just right :D


This is an amazing offer, seriously. Thanks for the heads up on this.!


Looking the faq's on the site - its says:- "Packt eBooks can be downloaded as a PDF, EPUB or MOBI file. They can also be viewed online using the MAPT reader."


but books are only pdf?

Free Python eBooks - Mastering Python / Learning Python / Advanced Machine Learning with Python @ Packt​
Found 14th Nov 2018Found 14th Nov 2018
Free Python eBooks - Mastering Python / Learning Python / Advanced Machine Learning with Python @ Packt Free eBook Mastering Python normally £17.64 Free eBook Learning P… Read more
Leeps <3


Best way to see who does sell details on is use your email address and add a +company before the domain. For example. Johnsmith at gmail would become johnsmith+packt at gmail Change the company each time. When you get spam mail you can see which company it was by the email it was sent to as you will still receive the email which shows the +company.


The catch is that Packt generally don't care about the quality of their books and just go for quantity over quality. They're known for just approaching anyone they can find to ask them to write a book for them and so the results are extremely mixed, more bad than good. Sometimes they publish good books, but I'd stick to books that are well known in the industry They give away a different free ebook every day here, but they're quite often not worth the time when a good quality, well-known book would be a better investment of money and time


Any free r ebooks?


The government is giving out grants to unis and education providers to teach people Big Data for free at the point of Delivery. It is likely they have a target for "free" copies to get subsidies.

Free eBook - Modern C++ Programming Cookbook @ Packt
Found 13th Nov 2018Found 13th Nov 2018
Free eBook - Modern C++ Programming Cookbook Regular price £27.72 Amazon £25.73 Kindle version. Over 100 recipes to help you overcome your difficulties with C++ programming a… Read more

Okay that's great, I notice Google Maps and MacOs are written in C++. I will continue with Python as I'm interested in AI, I using some of MATLAB's simulink software for personal development. Will check out java as well


C++ is the language for for making games . Python is great for AI .Java is good at Web development . c# is good for Unity(Game engine) . This is just a very broad generalisation . C++ is the upgraded version of C (c with Objects) so learning c++ you will learn C . Java and C# are bastardized versions of c++ so chances are if you learn c++ you will have a good understanding of them as well .




Good find! I’m a computer science graduate and these books can be expensive! HOT! 🔥


The best language depends entirely on what field you're working in, I'd say stick with python if you just want a Swiss army knife language with massive support - the only real downside to it is it's relatively slow.

Free Python Machine Learning eBook @ Packtpub
Found 21st Oct 2018Found 21st Oct 2018
Free Python Machine Learning eBook @ Packtpub Book Description Machine learning is transforming the way businesses operate. Being able to understand trends and patterns in comp… Read more
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Thanks claimed


Python machine. Sounds like a male stripper


Heat added. If you're not into 'cutting-edge predictive analytics' then this doubles up nicely as a self-help guide to better sleep.


Woo Hoo! another free book I'll never read... Have some heat :)



Python for Finance - Second Edition @ Packtpub
Found 15th Oct 2018Found 15th Oct 2018
Learn and implement various Quantitative Finance concepts using the popular Python libraries Understand the fundamentals of Python data structures and work with time-series data … Read more

if it has expired, would someone be kind enough to email/ dropbox me the downloaded book?


has this expired? looks like it costs £27 now....


Good point, true that. :-)


There are 30 free books - permanently free - listed on the page that the link goes to. So they've probably downloaded all of them.


Hehehehehehehehe, I hear. :-D "I just downloaded every single one.". Can you elaborate for me on your above statement please? (as i, how does someone download every single one?, or ...) thanx.

Mastering CSS Free @PacktPub
Found 29th Sep 2018Found 29th Sep 2018
Learn CSS directly from Rich Finelli, author of the bestselling Mastering CSS training course From best practices to deep coding, Rich Finelli shares his CSS knowledge with you R… Read more

They are in several formats - PDF, ePub, mobi, so yes, should be shareable.


Are they in a format that can be shared?


Got myself the C# book. Thanks OP.


Expired now, good spot though


Link goes to C#. The CSS has gone back up it seems.

Kali Linux - An Ethical Hackers Cookbook Free @ Packtub
Found 25th Sep 2018Found 25th Sep 2018
Just found, less than 2 hours to grab a bargain! For anyone interested in cyber security/ hacking/ Kali Linux, this is definitely worth a read! Over 120 recipes to perform advanc… Read more

Considering it was free and the point of the forum is to share deals & knowledge, will one of you not share.


Can anyone share the pdf?


I missed out again. Anybody willing to share a copy please? Thanks inadvance


Cod someone send me a copy too please?


Darn it I missed out... If anyone can please send me a copy. Thanks

Mastering PHP 7 (E-Book) Free @ PacktPub
Found 20th Sep 2018Found 20th Sep 2018
Effective, readable, and robust codes in PHP Leverage the newest tools available in PHP 7 to build scalable applications Embrace serverless architecture and the reactive program… Read more

More suited for people wanting a career in PHP! Sorry to be flippant. Python's a competing language and Django is a framework based on it. So there's not much technical interplay. That said if I was interviewing a developer I would value them having a broader background understanding across web technologies. This book isn't for absolute beginners, I think the target readership would be competent PHP5 programmers. It doesn't start from first principles.


You'll get far in life ;)


Reading book never teaches me ... i preferred hand on approach... so I find a php framework (Laravel , Symfony) and build simple app yourself ....


Tried to learn this language a few years back. Went through a beginners book from cover to cover, done all the exercises, but was none the wiser at the end. Wish I had given up at the front cover.


It was missing a decent if oop. If attention = true Keep reading Else vote hot and leave

Python Web Scraping - Second Edition E-Book Free @ PacktPub
Found 18th Sep 2018Found 18th Sep 2018
Successfully scrape data from any website with the power of Python 3.x A hands-on guide to web scraping using Python with solutions to real-world problems Create a number of dif… Read more

That's a totally different kind of SOAP! (nerd) Heat added - thanks for the heads up!


Missed the deal, drats! Instead i got a book called "ROS Robotics Projects" instead. Want to learn Python and scraping specifically.


Legend :D


No longer free?


Free Spring Microservices eBook @ Packtpub
Found 2nd Jun 2018Found 2nd Jun 2018
Free Spring Microservices eBook @ Packtpub
Free book on Microservices. This is £35 on Amazon!
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Microservices. Particularly ones for the Spring season.


No Longer available


What's it about?


I want to know you.

Learning Python, at Packtpub
Found 30th May 2018Found 30th May 2018
Learning Python, at Packtpub
Learning Python, at Packtpub. Learning Python. eBook Info: Learning Python has a dynamic and varied nature. With this book, it will take you all the way to creating a fully fled… Read more

I am coming from an Ops background and now an AWS engineer so only recently started writing some Python scripts in Lambda. I have to say I'm getting the hang of it but not very good at it :( Are there any good resources someone can recommend for learning Python with the BOTO3 SDK?


And now for something completely different...


thanks, reading this now


That's the true pythonic way.


C/C++ programmer by the sounds of it!. (y)

AWS Administration - The Definitive Guide at Packtpub
Found 7th May 2018Found 7th May 2018
AWS Administration - The Definitive Guide at Packtpub
AWS Administration - The Definitive Guide at Packtpub. Every day Packtpub offer a free programming related ebook. It does require you to signup with them though. AWS Administrati… Read more

Your welcome.


Cheers thanks


It’s their free book of the day. You just need to create an account. No sub to sign up for. Well worth joining. They give away some good titles.


14 days trial ans then £25 a month...


Cheers OP! (y)

Free Learning - Free Programming eBooks @PACKT
Found 6th Mar 2018Found 6th Mar 2018
Free Learning - Free Programming eBooks @PACKT
Claim a free tech book every day and keep it forever.


Look at the bottom of the page to see the free ones.


Do I getted a NUS card and Unidays and ac. email account and Student Prime with this :/ (popcorn)




Truly awesome stuff - I visit this page quite frequently. They have great give-aways in Python.

Practical Machine Learning at Packtpub
Found 31st Jan 2018Found 31st Jan 2018
Practical Machine Learning at Packtpub
Practical Machine Learning at Packtpub. Every day Packtpub offer a free programming related ebook. It does require you to signup with them though. Practical Machine Learning. It… Read more
Learning Python at Packtpub
Found 26th Jan 2018Found 26th Jan 2018
Learning Python at Packtpub
Learning Python at Packtpub. Every day Packtpub offer a free programming related ebook. It does require you to signup with them though. Learning Python. It is available for 20:1… Read more

I see what happened to that link now (after I went to 'edit' mode) ... HUKD truncated my Freebie link to: "" Instead of just: "" It's just one of those things at time's?. :-)


As per my Freebie Deal above: "be quick if you want it.…ing" I always make additional mention of my Deal's link's in almost every Deal I've ever Posted on here ... And in the case of Deal's I've Posted on here in the last 1 Year+ at least, it's been of always! (be they Freebies or otherwise), lol. :-D It's all good though. :-)


anything for free is by definition the best deal anyone could possibly get - only a bonehead would vote it cold :)


Another one? amour3kyou related to DK Khaled? or you have shares in Pactpub? (lol) (lol)


I assume because people see it as duplicate posts - Books are available via the same link every day and this book has been available twice before

Modern Python Cookbook at Packtpub
Found 22nd Jan 2018Found 22nd Jan 2018
Modern Python Cookbook at Packtpub
Modern Python Cookbook at Packtpub. Every day Packtpub offer a free programming related ebook. It does require you to signup with them though. Modern Python Cookbook. It is avai… Read more

Hahahahahahahahaha, ruddy hell!, looooool, thanx. :-D


A few other titles you can select too. I used a few emails addresses and got 4 free books that might come in handy but I was hoping to get a book on CakePHP


Watch that.. (y)


Maybe I'm missing something, what's with all the Python and Spam talk? (genuine question). As I don't get it, lol. :-)


You're all welcome. :-)