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Paco Rabanne 1 Million Knockoff - Gibellini No1 For Men, EDT 50ml, In Store @ Lidl - £3.99

Posted 3rd Dec 2017Edited by:"louiselouise"

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

We all know about X-Bolt EDT - been in stores for a few years now and a great copy of Boss Bottled, if you're on a budget. Here's another option.

Saw this in Jamaica Street, Glasgow earlier. Can't find much English feedback about this, but, a review in German here, halfway down the page smell-a-likes.com/bra…idl
"1 million by Paco Rabanne is one of the most popular perfumes in Germany. This fragrance smells very intense, woody and oriental distinctively sweet.
As far as the description of the original. On average, this noble and popular fragrance costs about 50 € per 50 ml.
Time to introduce a similar and economical alternative: Gibellini No.1 for Men. Where is this fragrance?
In the discounter Lidl!"
2847063.jpg2847063.jpgAromas: woody, spicyNotes
Upper:orange, mint, grapefruit
patchouli, rose, cinnamon
Base:amber, leather, wood

1 Million by Paco Rabanne also had the honour of being called The Worst Fragrance Of All Time 2017 by Fragrantica members (just saw it on my Facebook newsfeed this morning!) fragrantica.com/awa…ime

On parfumo dot net parfumo.net/Per…i_1 and Basenotes basenotes.net/ID2…tml but no comments so far.

Released in the Netherlands March 2016, I'm guessing from this press release lidl-press.prezly.com/s/8…56 "With the launch of a new own men's perfume 'G Bellini n°1' Lidl again challenges the established perfume brands. This delicious men's fragrance in the Lidl range surprises with a sophisticated combination of sweet and spicy notes. The particularly intense palette ensures a long lasting seductive fragrance with a deep layering."

I'm assuming this scent has just hit UK shores and was German/Euro stores only at first, but I may be wrong.

I had a spritz about 90 minutes ago, still lingering and I'd say it's a good dupe for 1 Million.

As this is sort-of Beauty related (and I was trying to find this scent on the Lidl website), here's some Beauty gadgets in store on Thursday, 7th December: lidl.co.uk/en/…k=2

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