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Exclusive Paco Rabanne Invictus Platinum Eau De Parfum 100ml £45.00 delivered using code @ Beauty Base

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Update 1
Unexpired - this offer is back again
This Paco Rabanne Invictus Platinum Eau De Parfum 100ml Spray is on offer at £45.00 with free delivery when you use voucher code HUKD10 - we worked with Beauty Base to get this extra discount

A really nice men's fragrance on offer, great for Valentine's day!

An intense power of minty freshness explodes with elegant lavender. An energizing eau de parfum to galvanize the senses. Invigorating grapefruit and absinth clash with richer and masculine notes of patchouli and cypress: a woody finish to bring strength and complexity.

Fragrance Notes

  • Top Notes: Absinth & Grapefruit
  • Heart Notes: Lavendar & Oak Moss
  • Base Notes: Mint & Patchouli

Invictus Platinum, the new eau de parfum made for those who always meet the challenge.

A powerful expression of Invictus, a new winning momentum. Challenging the ultimate achievers, who get back up and find the motivation to never give up. It’s time to lose yourself to victory.

An intensely galvanizing fragrance. The winning force of mint clashes with fusing lavender and cypress

Beauty Base Trustpilot reviews are really good, you can find them here

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  1. affy's avatar
    Good price but Paco rabanne have the giftset on offer at 56.70 which comes with an additional 10ml spray and a 150 ml deodorant as well worth paying the extra £11.70 for the two items on top also do free delivery as well
    ghostdogg's avatar
    Just got that giftset also comes with 2 Paco samples of your choice  
  2. Waqy's avatar
    Just ordered thanks. This is now the 7th fragrance I've ordered in the last 8 weeks. I have a problem
    mollyschamber's avatar
    Welcome to the exclusive club
  3. sami__xx's avatar
    Looks like a champions league
    braddock71's avatar
    once empty, can be used as a subbuteo trophy (edited)
  4. phunny12000's avatar
    Love my mount blanc explorer but it wears off quick
    Hint of patchouli oil
    Brings back memories and funny looks because people recognise the fragrance but but can't place it
    Very unique
    Russell_Jones's avatar
    I don’t know about your mont blanc explorer , but mine is probably the most long lasting perfume I have. I can smell
    It on my clothes the next day!
  5. crazy_b's avatar
    Mine just arrived , like someone says above I don’t really like it, smells like strong soap. Now had it on my hand a while starts to smell a bit nicer. Wouldn’t have bought it smelling it first. Will use it as my daily work one until it’s gone.

    BUT they gave me a free sample, Versace Eros, now that is good. Going to get a bottle of that next.
    Saif_Anwar's avatar
    Blue or red one?
  6. Indigorush's avatar
    Got this yesterday (the gift set from Paco Rabanne direct) and didn’t like it initially… grew on me throughout the day. Very mint and lavender heavy… perhaps a bit better during warmer weather. I like it.
  7. jakeyjakey's avatar
    Doubles up as an urn.
  8. JuD_'s avatar
    I absolutely love this smell.
  9. Spaghetti_Pete's avatar
    Love this fragrance! It's up there with "Sex Panther" for me!
  10. tom6195's avatar
    How does this smell? Longevity good?
    Ouzoherb's avatar
    Worth trying as I wasn't impressed very flowers rose to me
  11. Saif_Anwar's avatar
    Cheers ordered. My Rochas moustache one nearly finished
    JimDiGriz's avatar
    This is nothing like Moustache trust me!

    I gave away my Invictus - seemed a bit artificial somehow and I just wasn't using it.
  12. crazy_b's avatar
    Thanks ordered
  13. MarcusTricker's avatar
    Thanks OP, lovely fragrance! Only had the EDT before this and this is much better in my opinion.
  14. DistortedVision's avatar
    RIP Paco Rabanne
  15. Darthballs's avatar
    Looks like something from Harry Potter 
  16. Biker.Jeff's avatar
    The latest Paco Rabanne smells of embalming fluid.
    highdon's avatar
    Oddly specific.
  17. kamil_bluma's avatar
    There's also 4.2% cashback via Topcashback app
  18. keaton's avatar
    bought this and had it for about 2 weeks , longevity is horrible on it , last about 1 hour inside your house and if you go out somewhere you wont even smell it by the time you get to your car , but really good smelling fragrance
  19. Addy258's avatar
    Hi this offer doesn’t work? Says not valid with this product
's avatar