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Many NFL Games - watch for Free via Paddy Power
Posted 11 h, 56 m agoPosted 11 h, 56 m ago
I dont think you even have to place a bet (but I did). This worked best watched on my IPAD. On the Laptop it was "laggy"

What's a 7/20? Is that good or bad!


If you go into the Fantasy section, there are a loads of free Fantasy Team games on the NFL (and NBA, golf etc) I've not won anything yet, I've managed a 7/20 but then I know nothing about NFL except that its rugby for girls... (highfive) ...


It’s £149 a year for Game Pass to watch the games... I have paid for it the last 3 years! This is a great find & saves £149.


The same can be said for offering sports TV in pubs. Don't allow sports in pubs, because it encourages alcoholism. You can go to sports venues, there's bookmakers. You can pay to watch it on TV, you'll certainly see adverts for bookmakers. You can open an online bookmakers account for £10, and watch sports for free. Low Def, but free. You don't need to even place a bet. If you're easily addicted, don't do it. For me, I like my European football. It's £11.99 per month on the telly. For the last couple of years I've watched it via bookmakers and I've been paid to watch the football. If you're placing big bets, unless you're lucky, you're probably better paying for a sports subscription. There's no requirement to even bet, but if you keep it to £1 bets on your team's matches, it'll always be cheaper than paying a subscription.


I sort of agree ... but surely if you do want to watch an NFL game then my posterity makes that option free. There is an MFL game pass which costs £100 (ish) per year to get them as alternative.

£2 free bet first 5 races Newmarket race - 6/6/20 (No Deposit Required)
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Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
£2 free bet first 5 races Newmarket race - 6/6/20 (No Deposit Required)FREE£0.01
Must claim each one before each race, but can do the first one now. Should be on every account. Amazing offer coupled with today's free£5. Good luck everyone
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Cheers op got £13.40 which I wouldn't have had this morning 8)


Cheers got £20 back from the last race.


Made a panic choice on sweet promise at 33/1 as I missed all of the other races as I was out on bike


Won £13.20 on the first race!


I need tips guys..two losers so far. EDIT: Actually Terebellum kind of picks itself.

Free £3 instore bet with PaddyPower
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Posted 6th Dec 2016Posted 6th Dec 2016
Free £3 instore bet with PaddyPower
Free £3 instore bet at paddypower if you pick up today's metro. Returns only the winnings (not the free bet). Worth a shot if you're near a shop today!

Yeah its nice to get a free bet but when I went in they said it wasn't working. anyone else have that problem?


Nice one thanks!

Paddy Power Free £5 Sportsbook Bet - NO DEPOSIT - for EXISTING customers (unconfirmed)
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Posted 13th Feb 2015Posted 13th Feb 2015
Paddy Power Free £5 Sportsbook Bet - NO DEPOSIT - for EXISTING customers (unconfirmed)
I just received an email from Paddy Power saying: "Hi [name], Here at Paddy Power we appreciate our customers. To prove it, we've given you a free bet. That's right, a no-strings… Read more
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Not for me


Did it work for you?




Didn't work for me, likely to be account specific


followed post #7 and didn't work for me.

Paddypower - Bet £20 on Premier League top scorer and get a £2 free bet each time they score
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Posted 13th Aug 2014Posted 13th Aug 2014
Paddypower - Bet £20 on Premier League top scorer and get a £2 free bet each time they score£20
Paddypower have a decent offer on. Bet a £20 on the Premier League top scorer either as a single or £10 e/w and get a £2 free bet each time they score. So score 10 times and you g… Read more
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Does that go for booze deals too? And fatty, salty, sugary foodstuffs?


Why doesn't the site remove this... Gambling shouldn't be encouraged


Yep, term and conditions often state 'you need to have gambled 30 times since at total odd of 50 million to one; Sadly, they only sell to 100% suckers these days.


I just had a look for myself and the odds on Džeko are amazing. He really performed well last season and can see him being their main man. Man city can score goals for fun, so that's why i think he'll be the top scorer.


Dzeko 18/1 best odds at paddy power. Jovetic at 40/1 could be a darkhorse because he's been scoring for fun in pre-season.

Germany vs Portugal 5pm GUARANTEED win bet £10 + £15 cashback at quidco! @ paddy power
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Posted 16th Jun 2014Posted 16th Jun 2014
Germany vs Portugal 5pm GUARANTEED win bet £10 + £15 cashback at quidco! @ paddy power£10
New customers only Deposit £10 and get £20 free bet. Bet £10 on germany win (£19.50 win) - £9.50 profit Free Bet £10 on draw - £25 profit. Free Bet £10 on portugal - £32 profit.… Read more
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And me.


Paid out all good for me


Until they come to pay out ;)


I only get £10 free betting why is that ?


Just asked on the live help, and the lady checked my bets and said everything was fine with them.

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free £2 bet no ties no deposit @ Paddy Power Casino
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Posted 16th Feb 2013Posted 16th Feb 2013LocalLocal
free £2 bet no ties no deposit @ Paddy Power Casino
received an email before and have just done this so know it works. before i start if your not comfortable gambling or have any problems with anything to do with this just ignore. … Read more
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Don't work now


i must be on the wrong site when free money is voted cold because there are people out there with no self control and cant just gamble with money they can afford


Voting cold for same reason.


Only gamble with someone else's money ....


Thanks for sharing but got the following message: Sorry, this voucher doesn't exist - are you sure you entered it correctly? Please pay particular attention to capital letters in voucher codes

Paddy Power - odds of 10/1 for Liverpool to beat Everton this weekend when opening a new account
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Posted 26th Oct 2012Posted 26th Oct 2012
Paddy Power - odds of 10/1 for Liverpool to beat Everton this weekend when opening a new account
As per title really. Follow the link and then follow the instructions. Only problem is there is a maximum bet of £10 (well, that and the fact we probably won't win). Terms & C… Read more
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Great! will try it out & thanks for the links.


meh - game over! 1-1 bore draw


I'm in the process of doing the same thing on Will Hill - chance of some free money, like you say. Oh, and cheers for the link.


This link should work: Don't know why this is cold. I've laid the £10 on Betfair, if Liverpool win I'm up £80, if not - I lose nothing... Elkay

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Posted 19th May 2012Posted 19th May 2012
Free £10 bet with Paddy Power. Simply ring - Customer Support Phone Ireland 1800 238 888 Phone UK 08000 565 275 Phone Worldwide +353 1 9050131 Option 2: Place a bet. Quote 'TEXT… Read more



Thanks - worked for me and i didnt get txt


didn't work for me woman on the phone said your account has to have recieved the txt or email about it


It worked for me. I phoned in as per OPS instructions and was credited with £10 bet


its only for them accounts who get the text =/ x

£20 in free bets when you place one £10 bet, great for Chelsea game, money back if Messi scores last!
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Posted 18th Apr 2012Posted 18th Apr 2012
£20 in free bets when you place one £10 bet, great for Chelsea game, money back if Messi scores last!£10
Looking for a good bet for the game tonight, put a tenner on Chelsea to win hmmmm then got £20 in free bets to do on correct score etc seems like the best there is out there. All y… Read more



Well I put a tenner on Chelsea to win and the twenty on them to draw so if either come off fifty quid profit even taking into account you don't get free stake back!


I voted hot, although you always get cold votes as people don't like free gambling money. They like mis prices.

Paddy Power - champions league final, money back special if Barca win
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Posted 24th May 2011Posted 24th May 2011
Paddy Power - champions league final, money back special if Barca win
This is my first post so take it easy as I thought this was an AMAZING offer. Paddy Power are offering a full refund on all 1st goal scorer, correct score and scorecast bets IF Bar… Read more

of course gambling doesn't appeal to everyone BUT if it appeals to you and you are going to have a bet then, up to a FREE £50 bet PLUS Paddy Powers money back special on Barcelona is their best offer ever in my opinion. And thanks to whoever added the pic - it wouldn't allow me to add one!


oO how many people outside the uk are going to be reading hukd? (and yes i know it was a cheap joke about utd fans not coming fro manchester)


Most games are won within 90 mins, i cant see United winning this i think Barca will have too much going forward. Good offer, thanks for bringing it to my attension OP.


I don't know why people think this is such a banker. Fair enough, Barca may win, but in 90 minutes??? I'm sure a team of Man Utd's quality can hold any team to a draw in 90 mins.


Looks like they will be refunding ALL bets then apart from those placed for Barca to win within 90 Minutes;)

Paddypower Paying Upto 5th Place On Eachway Bets
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Posted 8th Apr 2011Posted 8th Apr 2011
Paddypower Paying Upto 5th Place On Eachway Bets
Most bookies will pay up to 4th place in national havnt found the other big bookies matching upto 5th place betting. If your having a flutter well worth considering if you are goin… Read more

Thanks Dave job going well with pp


Not a deal at all, nearly all are paying 5 places with the exception of bet fred, coral and will hill. Victor Chandler are paying 6 places!!!!!!!!!!

New Accounts - Grand National - Bet £20 Get £30 Free! (+ £10 Quidco) @ Paddy Power
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Posted 7th Apr 2011Posted 7th Apr 2011
New Accounts - Grand National - Bet £20 Get £30 Free! (+ £10 Quidco) @ Paddy Power£20
Hi All. I hope this is ok to post. Since we have the Grand National on Saturday... thought this might help everyone's money go a bit further ;) here's a little nice bit of free m… Read more

i won only £35 on Oscar Time but still up :)


Cheers - Won £175 on Ballybriggs £10EW


Looks like they've pulled the lot now, no more free bet on their website!


but your title is misleading then Bet £20 Get £30 Free! (+ £10 Quidco) tells me that you bet £20 , get £30 free PLUS £10 quidco and you dont get £30 free anyway do you unless you can withdraw it without having to stake it?


Didn't realise it all had to be on one bet. Missed out on the £20 anyway. What's the next best deal for some free bets?

Send your old Carroll/Torres shirts to Paddy Power for a free £50 bet
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Posted 4th Feb 2011Posted 4th Feb 2011
Send your old Carroll/Torres shirts to Paddy Power for a free £50 bet
Got a "Torres" or "Carroll" adult football top? We’ll give you a £50 bet for it – and send it on to someone who really needs it! It's really simple. All you have to do is: 1. Send… Read more

I'd probably walk on, I'd think they were mad :D. But yeah, your post in spot on.


Hehehe. Just came across this thread as I found the offer and I've got to say fattyuk you are actually making me laugh. You are clearly not a mathematician. Even more obvious is you don't actually understand logic. russthewomble has even explained to you the difference between what he is talking about and gambling in laymans terms and you still don't get it? The thing to comprehend is there is NO gamble in what he's saying. Jeez. I'll try again a little more simply. For a start your roulette example is nonsensical and fundamentally flawed. Noone would bet on red, black AND zero. This IS a gamble...and a stupid one at that as you know even beforehand even without the wheel spinning that if you've placed one chip on black, one on red and one on zero you are GUARANTEED a loss unless it lands on zero (one chip on each would mean you'd win one chip on one colour but lose the chip on the other colour PLUS the chip you'd placed on zero = guaranteed loss of one chip if red or black). If the only number you can win on is zero in your example, why would you bother to bet on red or black? At least figure out your OWN logic! Now back to the PP freebet. If you use this freebet as a pure bet on one outcome it is indeed a gamble. No ifs, no buts. You may win, you may lose. If you used it as a matched bet (like russthewomble points out) you are not only GUARANTEED a win - you are GUARANTEED A PROFIT. There is NO gamble. You don't have to wait for the outcome of the event you've matched on, you don't care. You don't give a monkeys about the underlying event. At all. In the case of his footy match, you've GUARANTEED a win regardless of the win, lose or draw result BEFORE THE GAME HAS EVEN STARTED! If Team A wins - you have GUARANTEED profit, if Team B wins you have GUARANTEED profit and if its a draw (can you see the trend?) yes again you are GUARANTEED profit! The process at most takes a couple of mins if you have commonsense. Do you get it now fattyuk? I fear you still won't but I really can't see how I or anyone can make it any simpler. What you've implied above is that if someone came up to you in the street and said in my right hand I have £36, in my left hand I have £38 you'd say "Oh no. Its a gamble so I won't take either thank you very much." and just walk on. Would you really do this even though you are GUARANTEED money? Maybe you would?!


Some people don't get it. Best to leave them to their closeted world view. Anything to do with betting odds is evil and the devil's work! ;) Despite the fact even the example shows you can't lose..


Fatty did you read what Russ wrote? He is referring to matched betting whereby there is no risk as you win whatever the outcome. It can add quite a nice supplement to your income but does require a good level of discipline.


you did go down 4 nil in the first place lol that's just as worrying

Free Rugby World Cup T-Shirt
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Posted 28th Aug 2007Posted 28th Aug 2007
Free Rugby World Cup T-Shirt
To celebrate the Rugby World Championship Paddy Power will be giving all customers a free t-shirt. they will also even post it to you free of charge. Terms and Conditions * A… Read more
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Got mine,don't think i will be stepping foot outside the front door wearing it though.:giggle:


They e-mailed me said I had to have placed a bet on Paddy Power or something to get the T Shirt.


got mine-finally i got a freebee delivered!!


Got my t-shirt in the post this morning. :thumbsup: One of the better free gifts I have received.


Looks like its gone.

£25.50 from Quidco upon registering with Paddy power and wagering £10 (and get £20 free bet)
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Posted 13th Aug 2007Posted 13th Aug 2007
£25.50 from Quidco upon registering with Paddy power and wagering £10 (and get £20 free bet)
Quidco have upped the payment to £25.50 for each new account with paddy power but you do have to wager at least £10.00. Also they offer a free bet of £20 to all new customers after… Read more
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thanks for that bazr. I don't expect it really but worth a shot. Nothing to lose. Thanks for answering so quick.:thumbsup:


Sorry marshallka,can't really advise from experience on this one,but i would say that i doubt you would qualify if you did not do the £10 in a single bet,as that as is what it states on quidco: £25 for a newly registered genuine account and wager of £10 or more in a single stake on Sportsbook.


Sorry to bump this up but my oh did this a couple of weeks ago and i forgot that the transaction said £10 in single wager and put 2 x £4.00 bets and 1 X £2.00 bet on the same day and wondered if anyone got paid their quidco this way. I got the free bet but quidco do say wager £10 in single transaction. I could do with Bazr answering this one. :)


Just to say I went through Quidco and registered with Paddy Power. Placed a £10 bet etc and after submitting a ticket through Quidco have just had it come back unsuccessful with no reason given. Avoid Paddy Power IMHO.


Had the whole afternoon betting £2.00 bets and only made £5.50 back and still couldn't withdraw so bet 2 each ways and won exactly £10 back and withdrew straight away. Enjoyed it though:)

Free £10 from PP Casino (no gambling required)
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Posted 4th Aug 2006Posted 4th Aug 2006
Free £10 from PP Casino (no gambling required)
My first deal posted, so please don't bite my head off if I've got something wrong :). Paddy Power are offering customers a free £10 towards their casino balance upon their next d… Read more
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More info on the first post please xelallah. I can't see how i can get any free money without placing a bet.:( Edit:If this is the case then the title of this post should be changed to reflect that you do have to gamble.


Please note that you DO need to gamble. More than your initial £10 too.


I might seem a bit thick but where exactly and at what page do you enter this code please.:roll:


Anyone looking to do this, might want to have a look at the terms and conditions..... Sign Up Bonus Terms & Conditions [LIST] [*]This offer is open to all players who sign up to and are residents of those jurisdictions where participation in is legal (]Legal jurisdictions) [*]Offer applies to all those over 18 years of age. [*]Bonus will be released based on initial deposit (within 48 hours). [*]Once a bonus has been released to a players account an additional staking requirement must be met in order to convert the bonus into playable cash (see table below) Deposit Receive Staking Required to convert Bonus to Playable Cash ](?) Bonus to Cash Threshold ](?) 15 15 x25 100% 25 25 x25 100% 50 50 x25 100% 75 75 x25 100% The number of times you must stake the bonus value (once released) in order to make the bonus playable. The bonus threshold is the amount of the staking requirements a player must reach to receive the bonus. A bonus with a threshold of 50% will deliver 50% of the bonus once 50% of the staking requirements have been met. A bonus with a 100% threshold will give 100% of the bonus only once 100% of the staking requirements have been met. [*]Stakes on Baccarat, all Blackjack, Craps, Roulette and Multiplier will not contribute towards the staking requirements to convert this bonus to payable cash. [*]Bonuses will only be made playable once staking requirements have been met (Playable). Within 48 hours. [*]Players are only permitted to receive one Signup bonus on or any / all Casinos owed and / OR operated by Paddy Power Plc, Paddy Power Alderney, Paddy Power Isle of Man or any and all subsidiaries. Players may only receive one Signup bonus regardless of tier and / or deposit level (Eg. If a player deposits €/£ 15 and receives €/£15 regardless of the value of subsequent deposits made no additional Signup bonus will be awarded All bonuses awarded by have a 30 day expiration period (from date of grant). Bonuses which are not converted to cash within this time will be removed from a players account. [*]This offer is available once per individual only. [*]Multiple accounts per individual are not permitted. [*]Bonuses will be forfeited if players are found to have more than one account. [*] reserves the right to modify, alter, discontinue or terminate this promotion at any time for any reason whatsoever without notice to players. [*]In the event of any dispute, the decision of will be considered final [*]Players, by their participation in this offer, are deemed to agree with these terms and conditions. [*]Any players, who, in the opinion of, abuse this offer, will have their bonus forfeited and accounts closed.[/LIST]


Thanks for your first deal post xelallah :) Thanks soccergoods too for remembering QuidCo.Com. Please all, don't forget to vote on these deals if you think they deserve it or not :D