Paddy Power - Wedding sweepstake kit
Paddy Power - Wedding sweepstake kit

Paddy Power - Wedding sweepstake kit

Credit to TessB for originally posting...

This was posted a couple of years ago but thought it worthwhile re-posting. I have received my kit for a wedding on Friday (I am best man) and it is really good quality - the sweepstake kit (my speech is woeful).

What's the best part of a wedding?

Some think it's the drunk uncle. The drunk uncle thinks it's the (slightly less drunk) bridesmaids. Most of us just like the free booze, although a minority of romantics still go for the whole 'happily ever after' thing.

But for us at paddypower.com, it's all about the speeches...

Betting on the length of the speeches is a tradition as old as... oooo - as old as the Birdie Song itself. In fact it's a well known fact in celeb circles that John Travolta had a right touch betting that Tom Cruise's speeches would be over 35mins in length. Allegedly Mr. Cruise's marriage isn't a proper one anyway. As far as we can see, it's all a (Snip - Paddy Power legal Department).

Whether you're the best man or one of the wedding party (Bride, Groom, Mother, Father, Brother, Bridesmaid, Usher or even the Priest), now you can add a little extra frisson to your wedding with our all new paddypower.com Wedding Speech Sweepstake kit!

How does it work?

1. Place a kit on each of the tables at the reception. (Don't worry it's only 2 x A4 pages!).
2. Announce to everyone that they need to designate a timekeeper to organise the sweep.
3. Remind everyone that if the winner doesn't buy everyone at the table a round they're a skinflint!

How do I get them for a wedding?

Download the pdf by clicking on the button below and print it off (remember you'll need one print for each table at the reception!)
download Pdf

Fill in the form below and we'll send you the packs enclosed in dead posh rendered ivory envelopes - the perfect compliment to an already perfect day.


Can see Will and Kate getting some of these!!

Ha, I like this!

voted hot....i was my friends best man but we did a first dance sweepstake with 80 songs at £1 a guess....winner getting £80 to enjoy their night
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