Padron Peppers (Tapas) £1 @ Sainsbury's

Padron Peppers (Tapas) £1 @ Sainsbury's

Found 28th Mar 2015
135g pack of Padron Peppers just £1 in Sainsbury's (£7.41/kg). Same quantity costs £1.99 in Waitrose, which used to be the only supermarket that sold them.

A classic Spanish tapas dish, just fry the peppers until the skins blister and give them a good grind of salt. Then enjoy the Russian Roulette of trying each pepper - about one in 10-20 is mind-blowingly hot. The others are completely mild and very tasty - seeds and all!
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This has been the normal price at my local Sainsburys since last year. Still, they're a nice thing to find on sale in an ordinary supermarket
@gboronat Yeah, I don't think it's an offer. But I've only ever seen them for sale (elsewhere) for at least double this price so thought it was a great deal. Didn't realise they'd been around in Sainsbury's for so long though - first time I've seen them.
I think Sainsburys have sold them for at least two years. Very disappointed as pretty tasteless.
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