PagePlus X2 Was £69.99 Now Just £9.95 with 100K Graphics Pack (£3.00 P&P)
PagePlus X2 Was £69.99 Now Just £9.95 with 100K Graphics Pack (£3.00 P&P)

PagePlus X2 Was £69.99 Now Just £9.95 with 100K Graphics Pack (£3.00 P&P)

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Flexible Features

PagePlus has always offered all the powerful, yet easy-to-use, DTP tools needed to design stunning publications for print and great-looking websites. PagePlus X2 is now even more versatile - easily create HTML emails and PDF slideshows.

* PagePlus X2 - New PDF SlideshowsPDF Slideshows - Create self-running or click-through PDF slideshows with stylish page and layer transitions and even sound and video clips, for professional-looking presentations or dynamic family photo albums. Exporting your attention-grabbing multimedia slideshows for sharing with business associates, friends and family is unbelievably easy too.

* Email Publications - Send your PagePlus documents as graphically-rich HTML emails, complete with text, images and active hyperlinks visible in the body of the email. Grab the attention of your friends, family, colleagues and customers with attractive-looking emails created in PagePlus. There are even stunning, pre-designed email templates to get you started, including invitations, newsletters and more.

* image: PagePlus X2 - New Live CalendarsLive Calendars - Look ahead to the coming year with a stylish PagePlus calendar - use one of the stunning templates or easily design your own. Personalise your calendar by adding birthdays and important dates into the Calendar Event Manager and PagePlus automatically enters them against the correct dates. Change the year and your calendar will automatically update too!

* Multi-page Templates - Select from a stunning range of pre-designed document Templates and quickly achieve outstanding results. Fully-customisable Templates for everything from photo albums and calendars to business stationery and newsletters makes it easy to create professional-looking documents. Whatever you're looking to design, you'll find the perfect Template in PagePlus' comprehensive collection.

* Improved PDF Import - PagePlus X2 improves on the already impressive PDF Import feature first added in PagePlus 11. This amazing functionality - still unique in any DTP product at any price has been enhanced even further so that your PDFs will import more accurately than ever. PagePlus X2 will now import embedded fonts from your original PDF, even if you don't have them installed, so you can be confident that your design will closely match the original - and you can still edit PDFs with more flexibility than in any other application!


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A small presentation video is here serif.com/ass…tml

good deal, heat added

Good package (though I'd recommend the Resource Guide if your new to it). Opens up and edit PDF's pretty well too. Found huge PDF's can be sluggish if it cant find certain fonts. Overall, an excellent DTP package. Serif software is highly underrated.

Some independant reviews:

Hot from me.

Where are you getting £9.99 from? If this was the usual offers via email from Serif, joe public wont be able to use it.


How do you get £9.99?
It's saying £79.99 on the link

It says Page Plus X3 in the title, but the description is all about X2.

Ah, that explains the price. I think this was an offer via email for PagePlus X2. Still an excellent version that handles/edits PDF very well. To get this offer, I'm guessing you'll need to download software from freeserifsoftware.com or sign up to their newsletter.

Anyone interested in X3, if you sign up, they usually email offers with the latest version with around 50% off and offer resource guide for £10-15 instead of £30. Been using Serif for years. Their PhotoPlus is a very nice alternative to Photoshop (not quite as fast applying special fx though).

Original Poster

Sorry guys I completely messed up here. The link I got was for X2 .
It is customer specific link so you will need to delete the details which appears on the order form.

Link goes to X3 now. Can anybody see an X2 link or should this be expired?

What ever you do don't phone them or give them your telephone number
as they are renowned for pestering people

very good deal, used X2 and it is very good. even allows you to edit PDF's and produce PDF's too.
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