Paint Stick £19.99 @ Tesco

Paint Stick £19.99 @ Tesco

Found 9th Oct 2009
This Paint stick paints three times faster saving time and effort. The Paintstick acts like a giant syringe and is lowered onto the filler tube. Paint is drawn directly into the handle. A one way valve closes and paint is pushed out through the roller sleeve as needed. The clean, closed system prevents splashes, drips and mess providing perfect coverage when painting as the paint is expressed uniformly. The paint stick gives extended reach from ceiling to floor without the need for ladders and extension poles and saves even more time by eliminating trips to a paint tray as the handle holds enough paint to cover 64 sq ft.

saw this in store- looks quite good, and cheaper than the Dulux paint pod, plus you can use any paint, rather than paying a premium for paint pod paints

not electric like the paint pod, but has some good reviews, handy if like me, you have a tired house that needs a freshen up

was £29.99
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Dear op

This might be a good deal, but it will be voted cold if you do not include the merchant in the price. It would also be nice to know how much these are usually.... Just use the edit option....
Just bought one from Homebargains sorry to say but it was £5.99!!
just hire a painter

Just bought one from Homebargains sorry to say but it was £5.99!!

have you tried it?
are they any good?
if theyre like the paint pods then they'll be... er whats a polite word to use... ineffective
Voted cold £5 in Home Bargains !

I used one last year they are pretty good, you can only really use them once tho as they are difficult to clean, but way better than using a roller and tray
Not used it yet... but will let ya know
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