Pair of adult Odeon/UCI/Cineworld cinema tickets - £8.75

Pair of adult Odeon/UCI/Cineworld cinema tickets - £8.75

Found 10th Jan 2007
MBNA customers will no doubt be aware of this offer but I've been meaning to post this on here for those who don't have one of their credit cards. IMO it's worth signing up for this offer alone!

MBNA offer customers special offers through their "Lifestyle" program. I first thought it was some kind of points based scheme but it's nothing like that. If you have an MBNA card simply visit…le/ and enter "mbna" in the Entry Code box. This takes you to the third party website with everything from holidays to games, dvds and music. To be able to purchase an item you need your MBNA card but you can view the deals without it.

The stand out deal for me personally is the cinema ticket vouchers (under Leisure then page 2) where you can get up to 5 pairs (per order) of cinema gift vouchers for Odeon or Cineworld at a cost of £8.75 per adult pair or £6.40 per child pair. If you want to use the vouchers in the West End (Cineworld) or M25 area (Odeon) they're a little more expensive (see site) but I guess the discount is still in line with the others. My local Cineworld (Sheffield) charges £6 per adult ticket so it's a great saving.

They are simply individual gift vouchers so although you have to purchase in a pair you don't have to use them together. Special delivery of the vouchers is £4.50 or 1st class postage is included. I believe they started shipping all vouchers as special delivery before xmas so that they made it in time and now they're offering that option at a price.

The best part is that because they're just gift vouchers, not a special cinema offer/promotion, you can still use the with the Orange Wednesdays offer (yes I've tried it). That means myself and my partner can both see a flick on a Wednesday evening for £4.73 (35p for Orange voucher) total (£2.36 each).

Bargain? I think so and I'm sure there are other good deals on there too. I'm just kicking myself for not stocking up when it first launched and they had a 3 for 2 offer on. DOH!
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Thanks willdashwood Think this offer also applies to MBNA issued credit cards such as Virgin, Abbey etc.
Unfortunately MBNA doesn't offer any cash back via Quidco for signing up else it would definately be worth signing up. As a side note, although I primarily use my AMEX card because it gives cash back, MBNA offer a great online system and their customer service has always been great for me personally. If I didn't have the cash back on my other card, it would be my first choice.
wow thanks for this! The Odeon vouchers will be great!
Thanks for the tip edi, just realised I wrote a small essay up there. If anyone wants to break it down (1 time) to the bare essentials that's fine by me :). Hope people don't gloss over it because of it's length.
Thanks for the rep Sharon. Here's the price list:

£8.75 - Pair of Cineworld standard adult tickets (exc. West End)
£14.85 - Pair of Cineworld standard adult tickets (inc. West End)
£6.40 - Pair of Cineworld child tickets (exc. West End)
£8.75 - Pair of Cineworld child tickets (inc. West End)
£8.75 - Pair of Odeon/UCI standard adult tickets (outside M25)
£10.65 - Pair of Odeon/UCI standard adult tickets (inside M25)
£6.15 - Pair of Odeon/UCI child tickets (outside M25)
£8.75 - Pair of Odeon/UCI child tickets (inside M25)

Forgot that UCI was included with Odeon
Just before Christmas I wasgoing opost this because they had buy 2 pairs get the 3rd free, effectively making it £2ish per ticket!

Unfortunately you do need an MBNA card/related card to use it and I thought if you had one you already knew about this offer

Shame they stopped the offer - there are other great deals on that site though like getting 10% off your gift vouchers at various stores (John Lewis being one of them!).

Beware though - one pair was lost in the post for me and they said "tough - should have gone for special delivery option"...
Yep I was gutted when the 3 for 2 offer went because I'd been telling everyone what a great offer it was, only to miss taking full advantage of it myself! I ordered some more and went for normal delivery option. If they don't turn up, doesn't MBNA cover you?
my mbna credit card has cash back :thumbsup:
Cool, which one is that and how much does it offer?
can I double check something...
If I have a Tesco CC can use it to order the Odeon gift vouchers or does it need to be a MBNA CC.

Second, Can I use my Virgin CC if not Tesco CC. I believe Virgin CC is managed by MBNA.
It has to be an MBNA one but you might get away with it using the Virgin one. Give it a try and let us know
The "inside M25" voucher has a number of cinema exclusions in the small print on the back, eg Kingston. However, when I went to Kingston they happily accepted it.
I forgot about this thread Thanks for the info Jeff.

I've used these vouchers a lot with the Orange Wednesdays but last time I went they said that I shouldn't have been allowed as Orange insist you have to pay for your ticket. Of course I'll keep trying and hope the staff I get just accept it like they have in the past but thought I'd give people a heads up.
Some of the other deals are pretty good too but what people have written puts me off, paying special delivery takes off almost all the saving on say £100 of vouchers saving 6%. Seems very rude of them to wash their hands if you opt for normal delivery - surely they have a duty to see the vouchers get to you whatever delivery method you use. If I bought something from an online shop and it never arrived no-one would accept 'oh well you'll have to pay again, you should of paid us for special delivery'.
Personally if they got lost in the post for me and they weren't going to do anything about it I'd kick up such a fuss that I'm sure they'd reconsider.
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