Pair of BT Videophone 1000 VOIP Telephones with Video Calling - 75% Off £69.96 + p&p @ BT Shop

Pair of BT Videophone 1000 VOIP Telephones with Video Calling - 75% Off £69.96 + p&p @ BT Shop

Found 28th May 2008
Bt are already doing these on special for only £40 each (were originally over £100.00 each), and now with a further £10 saving if you buy 2. Seems a good offer for 2 videophones, Amazon are selling these at £124.77 EACH, Woolworths £94.99 each! There's also 5% cashback through Quidco (£72.49)

The BT Videophone 1000 is a fully featured home phone complete with High Definition Sound, SIM Card Reader and a 255 Name and Directory - and you can use it as a VOIP phone (to talk over broadband) and as a Videophone!

BT Broadband Talk is a simple way to use your Broadband connection to enjoy Hi-dS (High Definition Sound) clarity, low-cost calling plans, and take advantage of the future services that BT Broadband Talk has planned.

High definition Sound (Hi-dS) provides richer sound capability on voice calls over your broadband connection. If somebody using a BT Hub phone calls somebody else using the BT Videophone 1000 or the BT Hub 1010 phone or the BT Softphone the call will automatically set itself to the best call quality using Hi Definition Sound. Hi Definition Sound works automatically - so you don't need to do anything


High Definition Sound
Fully compatible with BT Broadband Talk Softphone
Full interoperability with BT Videophone 2000
BT Broadband Talk can work across any broadband connection.
Corded IP Videophone
255 Name & Number Address Book
3.5" TFT display with 262k colour screen
Picture matching with caller display** and picture gallery
Sim card Reader


Broadband (minimum 512k)
Subscription to the BT Broadband Talk service
Compatible broadband router with a spare ethernet port

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