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MY FIRST POST. Thought these looked amazing for the price, other items in the range also heavily reduced. FREE DELIVERY


PY8P gives you 10% off too


i bought the small stool from this range and personally for the size of the items the rrp is very silly! granted for this price , it is a bargain. as are the other ones from the range in the sale.

very sturdy and strong, would last for a long time but someone would have to be crazy to pay the full amount. heat added though

Hot for the price

How on earth was the rrp £260 for this? In fact the rrp's of £129 and £79 are also lies. You can get exactly the same kind of baskets without the plastic tops for about £20 in ikea. Fair enough, at £23 it's pretty good if you need something like this.

even with leather tops I think the RRP is inflated lol but this is a good price

I was convinced and bought them. You would hope with Debenhams stock they would be significantly better/sturdier than Ikea's rubbish. I may have been unlucky, but if I ever get Ikea stuff, it bends, or breaks, or rattles!

Lol at the was price, even on the website it says rrp 129.99, so the £259 seems to be what debenhams have made up, although this isn't a bad price now.


thanks I got the round one for £18

Silly, silly RRP

Don't forget Quidco guys!


PY8P gives you 10% off too

£21.33 with code.

Thanks, ordered

Great price for two of them! and hopefully would be good quality... Ordered, hope it gets delivered.

just ordered mine got 10% off and free delivery .codes PY8P,SHD1

Prize to Debenhams for most ridiculous RRPs!

SHD1 <--- free delivery works guys

thx ordered 2 sets 1 of these and the corner 1's

Total cost of products:£47.40
Total delivery charges:£0.00
Total discounts today:-£4.74

plus used quidco for 4%

brownie points from the mrs she been asking for some of these
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Out of stock

damnnn looks like reeferman picked up the last ones

corner ones still available tho..but dont look to great to sit on

My order status has just updated to back order so not looking too hopeful.

The corner unit is still available for the same price.…_-1
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Ordered at 13:50, status changed to Unable to Fulfill, shame as would have been nice for the price

I thought they looked very ugly. No idea how they came up with the rrp. Fantasy.

ordered at 11.46 and just got despatch email so fingers crossed
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Updated again, now unable to fulfil.

I cannot add anything to my bag

that's a great deal, possibly quidco too

They have taken my money... hopefully will be shipped.

Original Poster

Just had an an Email to say they have been despatched, thats what i call service, thanks for the heat, pretty hot for my first post!

The website show items as still in stock.....
So called the number on the top of the page and was able to order them over the phone.
The corner unit is sold out, so worth giving a call

Got corner units and the larger free standing one, thanks! Oh, and they've dispatched
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Have to admit they look very nice but who in their right mind would pay OVER £200 for them!

Mine are apparently out for delivery to me already! That's the fastest Debenhams have ever been for me.

mine arrived this morning, loads better than I thought they would be they are lovely:)

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mine arrived this morning, loads better than I thought they would be they … mine arrived this morning, loads better than I thought they would be they are lovely:)

im jealous, i should get mine first! hopefully tomorrow, are the tops leather?

I got the storage cube today, really pleased with it and yes, the top is leather!

I got the storage basket delivered yesterday £18.63, it's fab, must have been a price glitch, thanks for posting AVANTIME
( It's now £59.70)
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They're nicer in the flesh than they look in the pictures. Nicely made, although I wouldn't have paid the RRP!

They were unable to fulfil my order last week and I saw they were back in stock on Sunday at a higher price so I phoned them and they honoured my original order at the original price and they have just been delivered so well pleased.

got the corner ones they are fantastic
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