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Decent Desk top form Palicomp - £559.97 @ Palicomp
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Posted 13th FebPosted 13th Feb
Decent Desk top form Palicomp - £559.97 @ Palicomp
By selecting ryzen 1700x 16 gb Ram and then obtaining a cheap version of windows seems a very good mid range Gaming PC. Some of the upgrades don't have much value but 8 core 16 thr… Read more

It's a KoLink Stronghold. Other deal has the same case and a better price and website (lol) Also on hukd has over 3000 hots and still available Search up pc 580 and it should be the first on on hukd


I didn't say they would, I was just answering the question that was asked about the compatibility of the components on offer


What case is that? Looks like one of the newer Corsairs but I can't see the logo.


A mate and I nicknamed this company Bast-icomp after the tricks they tried to pull when we got custom builds from them. This was about 8 years ago now so maybe they've changed but I wouldn't personally use them again. Loads of little things like charging for extra case fans then not installing or even providing them, omitting wireless when it was paid for then offering a USB one and trying to charge and then few other little things. I know there's worse complaints to have but overall it wasn't a good experience. That said, when they eventually fixed the faulty PC they sent, and resolved other price issues, the PC I got was a great build that I owned for several years, and further modified with SSD, more RAM and water cooling. Man I miss that PC. But it's gone now, and I built my own a year ago and I love it.


Nobody is going to go to the expense of spending such an amount on high end ram only to pair it with the most basic mobo on offer. They seem to have put a decent selection in to cater to all needs. Pricing is a little high for some of the add-ons imo if you wanted to customize the build. Basic spec though is okay for the price.

AMD Avenger Home (KAV3-1) PC - £459.99 @ Palicomp
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Posted 22nd Feb 2018Posted 22nd Feb 2018
AMD Avenger Home (KAV3-1) PC - £459.99 @ Palicomp
AMD Athlon X4 950 - 4 Cores (Standard 3.5Ghz/Turbo 3.8Ghz) ASUS A320M-K CRUCIAL 8GB DDR4 2133Mhz HYNIX 240GB SSD SEAGATE 1TB HDD SATA3 - 6Gb/s AMD RX 550 4GB (O.C) FRACTAL DE… Read more
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Do the tape mod to overclock the Q6600 to 3GHz, a trip to CEX for 8Gb of ram (£20) and something like a GTX 660ti (£60) and you will have a surprisingly capable gaming rig.


Where does the coal go in?


+1 .. build your own and feel good about yourself. Check YT for vidz.


Gaming PC, for minecraft. Edit: I mean, minesweeper


"Best selling pc in 2016". That says it all

AMD Avenger (KAV3) - Palicomp - £499.99
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Posted 8th Dec 2016Posted 8th Dec 2016
AMD Avenger (KAV3) - Palicomp - £499.99
HI, I stumbled across this PC, and I thought you got quite a lot for your money. I know it would be cheaper to build my own. But I think this is a good deal none the less.

Wait for Zen


for an extra £65 you could get this from awd, good review on kitguru


Problem is both AMD and Intel cheat, you can find benchmarks that show each one better than the other. They also work differently internally, AMD do a few things better than Intel; for raw speed and power, Intel win hands down, but the AMD chips tend to handle multi-threading better. Some games seem to work better with AMD cpus as well, although mostly older ones. I hear a lot of complaints on LOTRO about the single thread game maxing out a core on high spec Intel i7 cpus, but on my ancient 6 core AMD, it has never gone above 90%, and after overclocking it by 10%, it maxes out at about 85%.


Intel fans read benchmarks, that's what sets us apart from the nvidia crowd :P


AMD = CRAP! Voted hot.. so others see it lol

Posted 15th Mar 2016Posted 15th Mar 2016
UPGRADING MADE EASY! When you need more speed and you want to upgrade to a new Intel CPU and ASUS motherboard. It can be difficult to know what to select and even harder to install… Read more
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No problem apology accepted hehe. I am just passing on some deals I have found, I am going to be allot more active as I think this site is a good idea, pity I did not find this sooner, I am on other sites and love deals.


Unfortunately many companies do pop up here and spam the boards with self promotion and never respond or add any value to the boards. Usually the signs are a newly signed up member that immedietly post a deal whereas many, but not all, members seem to sign up, lurk around for a while before posting a deal. If you're simply posting a deal then accept my apologies if I've jumped the gun on my assumption. Palicom seem to no longer trade on ebay (they were a massive seller of very low cost systems) but in last few years seem to have really improved their products and support which I suspect is why they deleted their ebay account (to get rid of all the terrible negatives feedback they had!)


Didn't know they were on eBay, I found them as they are local to me and I've had no problems with them, they were very helpful in setting this up for me. Maybe they have reformed or changed hands, dunno but I have not see this.


Self promotion, sorry what you on about? I joined as I had been told about this site and thought I would share my experience with this company for other, sorry is this not what this site is for? If this is what you get then what is the point to this site? Thanks for making a new member so welcome, wish I had not bothered now.


... That's a bit cynical, not as if they only just joined today or anything (_;)

'Gaming PC' i5 4670k, 270x,1tb,8gb ram, 60gb SSD 5* reviews £650 @ Palicomp
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Posted 23rd Mar 2014Posted 23rd Mar 2014
'Gaming PC' i5 4670k, 270x,1tb,8gb ram, 60gb SSD 5* reviews £650 @ Palicomp
INTEL Haswell Core i5 4670K (Quad) Overclocked To 4Ghz Per Core ASUS Z87-K CRUCIAL BALLISTIX 8GB 1600Mhz KINGSTON 60GB SSD SATA3, 6Gb/s SEAGATE 1TB HDD SATA3, 6Gb/s SAMSUNG 24X DVD… Read more
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You'll get loads of decent deals on a 360 nowadays. Not to mention a load of cheap games too. Why not PS3 or even PS4 or Xbox1? The Playstation options are pretty good as you get 'free' games every month with a PSN+ subscription.


thats great to hear , will be a absolute monster :-) i got this lol: love it and may get an xbox360 at some point in time


Finally got the pc delivered by Chillblast last week. Took almost a month to build but they blamed all the bank holidays recently for the delay. Anyway, I installed my own graphics card and everything seems just fine. It runs Titanfall on max settings 1920x1080 flawlessly on 60fps. Not had a chance to try much else yet but overall I'm quite pleased to have went with Chillblast. Especially considering the 2 years return to base warranty. Did you end up buying anything?


Hot for me, been looking for a pc with this spec and price range for a while. Normally build my own but this is close to cost. Just ordered, upgraded PSU and SSD, gave them a call and they did a deal on the warranty too...


no problems at all always glad to help :)

Excalibur CORE FX-6100 Cheap Gaming PC £399 Was £499 @ Palicomp
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Posted 20th Apr 2013Posted 20th Apr 2013
Excalibur CORE FX-6100 Cheap Gaming PC £399 Was £499 @ Palicomp
AMD Bulldozer FX-6100 @ 3.6Ghz (Six Core) ASUS M5A78L-M/USB3 8GB DDR3 1333Mhz 500GB SATA3, 6Gb/s SONY 24X DVD+/-RW AMD Radeon HD6450 2GB Genuine Windows 7 Or Windows 8 Now I know … Read more
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There has been much better machines on here than this recently. Poor effort


Occasionally some good deals on 7950s, which I would take over a 660 everyday of the week


I'd avoid Palicomp like the plague, for years they've had shocking reviews. Of course I'm sure there are many happy customers out there but would I chance it? No!


lol 6450 is low end...itll run minecraft on low settings and older games my sons pc has a 6670 and id consider that low end. it replaced and ageing but problematic bulky yet faster nvidia 260gtx if you want cheapish but decent gaming card id go for a 670gtx or even cheaper 660gtx...the are faster cards but they are still crazy prices


6450 can be barely considered even low end its a HTPC card im always seeing 5450s and ilk considered low end gaming cards but they can barely run games on low

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