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Palicomp Best Buy Desktop PC - Ryzen 3600, 1660Super, 16GB, B450 £600 or B550 £640 from Palicomp
Posted 31st JulPosted 31st Jul
Palicomp Best Buy PC. CIT Flash case £35 Ryzen 5 3600 6Core 12Thread CPU. £156 Asus B450m-A Motherboard £74 16GB Corsair 3200mhz Ram (2x8Gb config) £69 240GB Adata SSD £28 Nvidia/… Read more

I'm considering this but swapping the CPU cooler to either the cooler master 212x or the dark rock 2. Anyone know if this is worth doing and which is best ? I'm after keeping it cooler and quieter. Thanks


Voted hot!! @sarden84 can you suggest me a pc build for editing video(using da vinci resolve), and may be light 1080p gaming (budget around £1000). I was thinking of the 3900 bundle ( : £429 but not sure of rest (graphics card, cooling, psu etc)


Bought this build upgraded to the B550, allways had playstation and Xbox so think this will be a good start. thanks for sharing.any cheap links to the license keys also is there really a difference with windows 10/ 10 pro only using for internet browsing and games ?


The pic on the Palicomp website looks like an Asus Phoenix and the description says 1 hdmi, 1 display port and 1 dvi. Which is right for that card so it will support 3 screens. With regard to upgrading, completely depends on your budget and your needs. For example 1080p/2k/4k and med/high/ultra? This is a good 1080p card right now but you'll soon have to start lowering detail with new games. This is a good deal though and if I'd not just done a self build for myself, I would buy this.


i am going to email palicomp as well

Palicomp Desktop PC: Ryzen 3600 + B450/B550 + 16GB 3200mhz ram, NO GPU/No SSD - ADD urself. - £395
Posted 26th JulPosted 26th Jul
Quite alot of people have spoken to me over this past week regarding these custom edits by palicomp, so if you are that person seeking a Ryzen 3600 , here is a deal for the ones w… Read more

Got mine yesterday. Pretty good. Apparently the case has space for a water cooling system, but that's a bit too much for me :)


Your cable goes straight from the router to the motherboard. You don't need a LAN card.


Thanks so much for this, really really helpful. I will request a quote from them. Final question, I promise. Do I need to add in a LAN card or does this come with the motherboard. My router is right next to where the PC will be so wireless isn't a requirement. Thanks again.


Morning pal, ive taken a look at the convo between u n paul, (paul has really helped u out here, bang on advice). Dear Palicomp Ive seen your Best Buy Pc on the web, im interested in a personal quote as this build is a little to high for my own requirements. CIT Flash case Ryzen 5 3600 6Core 12Thread CPU. Asus B450m-A Motherboard 16GB Corsair 3200mhz Ram ---->> 16GB Adata 3000mhz ram 240GB Adata SSD Nvidia/Asus 1660 Super 6GB --->> RX580 500W 80+Kolink PSU GameMax 3-In-1 RGB Fan kit + Strobe -->> remove (mention wifi / extra hdd? if needed) Can i have a personal quotation of the above, but could u also quote how much with this build would be if CPU's were 2600 / 3300x instead. Kind Regards.


Thanks Paul. The 3600 (Ryzen 5?) Is the chip that I have looked into the most as is seems a nice fit between what I am looking to get out of it Vs cost. If I could get that and an entry level graphics card just for the first 6 months in a build and then upgrade if/when I needed to then that might be a winner. Might see if I can contact Palicomm and ask them for a quote for the deal that sarden posted but without the LED strips and a more basic graphics card to see if it can come down to where my budget currently is. Appreciate the info, it all helps me buy with a bit more confidence.

Palicomp - Week of the deal + Weekend special: Ryzen 5 3600, 512GB nvme, 16GB Ram, RTX 2060 + Win10 + Care Free upgrade + Qjump - £825
Posted 17th JulPosted 17th Jul
Palicomp "Deal of the week" + "Weekend Promo". This weeks deal of the week + weekend promo, for folks who are interested in combined packages on top of the base unit. Weekend Pr… Read more

This is a better deal imo


Please can someone advise wether this will run Flight Simulator 2020? I have no idea about specs of computers to be honest.


It would be much the same. I'd have a few friends playing Xbox/PS and my more "hardcore" will also be doing PC. I'm bang into Warzone at the moment but it's not a case ofe looking to become a streamer or what not. I'm looking for a good gaming PC I can upgrade down the line if needs be to keep it at the higher end of things. I think the costs even out over the lifecycle as games are a hell of a lot cheaper on PC and I always end up buying the upgraded version of the consoles when they release as well.


Depends, just gaming, ps5 will be decent bang for buck, but as many know u can do so much with a PC far further, so depends what type of player u are and what ur really interested in doing, will take a good whack of a system into the next cards to beat a ps5. i will be upgrading my gpu laters this year from my 5700xt liq dev, and purchasing the new xbox too, as ive got friends on both sides, so thats one major factor, who do u game with?


Hi pal, ive used this Kolink its a fair budget PSU, remember you have got 3 years warranty and support on this line (even if u dont take the extra package, so u are worry free. - but if desirable "more over peace of mind" then u can request this build via and ask for the 500W Riotoro (which is basically a Seasonic) Defo a good plan: remove the NVME and obtain one urself, freedom of choice which u cant knock. and the 1650s is really good GPU, a little high atm due to the market as its an mid range productive gpu with everyone been working from home, but it does give a good bang for buck, only 4GB Vram but it is DDR6 rather then 8gb of DDR5 under the rx580 though and will do u extremely well with the type of games ur looking at. well more then good. RX570 will also do u well too if u wanted to save, and u can pick them up quite cheap used as well. B550 is worthy if u plan on going down the upgraded route of zen3.. and the higher storage options laters on under that lane, but from the feel i get from yourself, it prob might not be the best choice tbh, ull end up paying for somehting u wont really benefit from. B450 version is a high T spec too.

Palicomp - PC of the Week - Ryzen 3600 desktop PC, 16GB Ram, 512GB nvme, No GPU, £475 (optional configs with GPU)
Posted 13th JulPosted 13th Jul
Palicomp - Deal of the Week. Main direct deal: Kolink K5 RGB Case £35 Ryzen 5 6Core 12Thread CPU £150 Asus Tuf ATX B450 Motherboard £92 // Asus B450M-A £139 Corsair 3200mhz … Read more

Looking at some youtube vids i think it will be a good upgrade. The 3750/570 combo seems to still play modern games but under 60 fps. But the gfx card is holding the 3600 back by a lot so you might initially not see an amazing change in some games. Especially if you have a 60fps monitor. But i'd imagine the lows to be much better and no stuttering etc. Will be much smoother. You should get a fps increase and probably a big one in open world games. Its hard to say without really knowing a lot about the 3750 but i imagine it pushes the 570 quite well. It is worth it imo and when you get a better card in it will be streets ahead. Also just be much faster in general and boot a lot quicker with the ssd.


thanks both for your comments....yes, I guess I can use the HDD's.... is it a worthwhile upgrade? would it really make much of a difference? thanks for your views...


Yeah be a good upgrade. Just slap the 570 in. That will hold it back and you won't see the full benefit at the higher end but low fps should be better. A new card can come later because the 570 is still doing ok.


Hi Ben. You sure can. /as well as hds/SSDs (can remove the pali one). DIY windows urself?


Excellent post as always

CORSAIR K55 RGB gaming Keyboard £40 from Palicomp
307° Expired
Posted 3rd JulPosted 3rd Jul
CORSAIR K55 RGB Keyboard £40 from Palicomp. Nice Fair price this, considering the rest of the market is £49++ Amazon:… Read more

Order got cancelled..


its not a mech but its one of the best alt keyboards on the market though.


Need a cherry brown keyboard


This ins't a mechanical keyboard just incase anyone thinks it is


Been using mine for approximately 4 years and think it’s a bargain at this price! Grabbed mine for £70 discounted on Amazon then and would still even recommend at that price. Yes it’s missing some of the features £100+ keyboards have but for £40 you’ll struggle to beat it in my opinion.

Ryzen 3700x B450 512GB SSD Nvme 3TB 5600xt W10 OS custom with 3600 B550 / X570 / GPUs - £999.99 @ Palicomp
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Posted 28th JunPosted 28th Jun
Direct Link Deal: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 3.6 GHz 8-Core Processor £250 Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 Memory £65 Intel 660p 512 GB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive £6… Read more

I've sent an email to palicomp now to get a price and some advice on what cooler/PSU they would recommend. Really excited to get this PC :)


What amd processor and GPU would be quite and good for general video editing?


Wow PC on the way to arrive tomorrow, I didn’t pay for an express service either. Ordered and built and despatched in around 30 hours, quicker than my email replies, well done to them though


Two emails yesterday and today they sent me another confirming payment was received and that I should have my new PC by the end of the week. It would seem things get done a lot quicker once you have an order reference number from them. They did apologise too for the delays in replying


Thanks for the response! I'll send a message to palicomp tonight then and ask what coolers they would recommend for it :)

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BITFENIX Prodigy ITX - £65 & MATX - £70 PC Case from Palicomp
723° Expired
Posted 28th JunPosted 28th Jun
Ive just posted a White ITX version of these, from AWD down on reduction for £67 from the usual £75. ive found it better and more availability types at palicomp but they dont do … Read more

Thanks for this. The Silverstone really was the case I was looking for. As narrow as I could find, and not much bigger than my avp was.


And now Palicomp have also cancelled the order. Doesn't look like they ever had any of these in the first place...


And CCL have indeed just not bothered to dispatch anything I ordered last week - no information on why, just all went to a status of allocating and they couldn't tell me why even though it should have been here two days ago. So bought the green one afterall and cheaper than what CCL wanted for it too, result.


Posted extensively on the other thread, but having run with mATX in one of these for years, I've swapped out to mITX motherboard (still in the mATX case) and it solved two major issues for me: 1) Built in bluetooth 2) The PCI-e 16x slot - on some mATX motherboards, you'll end up with your GPU fouling the optical drive in this case. Re price - my ASRock Fatal1ty b450 ran me £110 but seemed a nicely specced board for the money. Paired with a Kingston A2000 nVME (if you use a drill, you can make a small indentation in the motherboard tray,so that you don't need to remove the motherboard should you ever want to change the nVME. Ryzen 3600, 16GB of the LPX RAM, and a GPU from yesteryear. I don't care for any of this RGB malarky so works well for me. Will tidy up that SATA power extender one of these days but again, once it's closed, what does it matter. I would thoroughly recommend swapping the left and right sides of the case though, so you're not having to work around the power/USB cables if you ever need to take the side off.


I had one of these, don't really recommend. It's a little hot box. Changed it for a Thermaltake S100 which I'm much happier with.

Ryzen 5 3600x - 6Core 12 thread CPU - £185 delivered from Palicomp
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Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
Ryzen 5 3600x - 6Core 12 thread CPU Palicomp price: £185.00 - free delv ---->> Amazon price today £187.00 Has been cheaper a little in the past, and then we have the debat… Read more

Not available on that site. Good Afternoon, Unfortunately this item is currently unavailable so we have had to cancel this order. Would suggest ebay or Amazon at the moment. We have refunded your payment and apologies for the inconvenience. Many thanks Qty Product Name 1 AMD RYZEN 5 3600X - Gen3 - 3.8/4.4Ghz Turbo - 6 Core - 12 Threads - 32MB Cache To view the Order Details, please follow this link (or copy it into your browser): view your order online DPD Tracking Number: Sincerely, Palicomp


Amazon now knocked off £10. It's £190 now. Still cheaper on Palicomp though


Yes it is


Stupid question but is this with the cooler?


I noticed that on CCL and others, they have the XT listed now - if you hover over the processor on the CCL site you can see their price - seems to be RRP minus £10.

Ryzen 7 3700X + 5600xt + 512GB nvme + 3Tb HDD £999 from Palicomp plus EDIT £999 @ Palicomp
Posted 13th JunPosted 13th Jun
UPDATED 11/07/2020 £34 EXTRA ON TOP OF ANYTHING BELOW FOR B550-A BY ASUS. Direct Link Deal: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 3.6 GHz 8-Core Processor £280 Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2 x 8 G… Read more

Send them a reply with a copy of the AWD one, (there both cracking deals) ask them to remove the RGB FAN KIT(u dont need it with that case), then the price dif is the rest of the elements, i.e Corsair ram vs Adata ram, dif case dif psu and the palicomps 2070super is better, so they are both in line then, just got to remove the fankit from that case.


Thanks OP!!! I have contacted them and I got this offer: CPU AMD Ryzen 5 3600X Mobo ASUS TUF B550-PLUS Gaming RAM 16GB Corsair 3600MHz RGB PRO - 2x8GB M.2 Intel 512GB 660p m.2 NVMe Optical NONE Case KoLink Observatory Black RGB Video Gigabyte nVidia 2070 Super Triple Fan OS None HDD 3TB SATA III 7200RPM Cooler AMD Wraith RGB Cooler RGB Gamemax 3x 120mm ARGB Fans + ARGB Led Strip PSU 600W RioToro 80+ Warranty 3 Year Return To Base Warranty We can supply this system for £1,240 delivered to UK mainland. How do you think is it a good offer? And how does it compare to this AWD-IT deal: AWD P300 Air Ryzen 3600 Six Core 4.2GHz Asus B550 Radeon 5700XT 8GB PC AWD P300 Air Ryzen 3600 Six Core 4.2GHz Asus B550 Radeon 5700XT 8GB PC CODE: FL33-B550-5700XT CHOOSE YOUR BUILD TIME : Standard Build Time - 5-7 Working days (Mon - Fri) (+£39.99 ) CHOOSE YOUR CASE: Phanteks P400 Air Black DRGB (+£34.95 ) UPGRADE THE MOTHERBOARD: Asus B550-Plus (+£39.99 ) CHOOSE YOUR RYZEN CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 6 Core 4.4Ghz (+£29.99 ) CHOOSE YOUR GRAPHICS CARD: MSI GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER Ventus GP OC (+£159.99 ) CHOOSE YOUR DDR4 MEMORY: Adata Spectrix RGB 16GB (2x8GB) 3600MHz (+£9.95 ) PRIMARY HARD DRIVE: Adata XPG SX8200 Pro 512GB M.2 SSD (+£34.95 ) CHOOSE YOUR SECONDARY HARD DRIVE : Toshiba P300 3TB Drive (+£64.99 ) CHOOSE YOUR OPERATING SYSTEM : None CHOOSE YOUR INTERNET SECURITY PACKAGE : BullGuard™ Internet Security - 90-Day Free Trial CHOOSE YOUR WIFI : None PRICE: £1175 Thank you in advance!


Fantastic work yet again fella (sarden84) Effort involved is above and beyond.. Not for me as I love the build and choose part but for those who don't..awesome effort!! Thank you!


Link still works for me or is has it finished?


Mines coming tomorrow. Excited to say the least!

FRACTAL DESIGN Core 1100 £30 Delv from Palicomp + Build deal - £30 @ Palicomp
360° Expired
Posted 6th JunPosted 6th Jun
FRACTAL DESIGN Core 1100 £30 Delv from Palicomp + Build deal - £30 @ Palicomp
£30£3719% Free P&P Free
FRACTAL DESIGN Core 1100 Palicomp: £30 with free delv. VS Elsewhere: For folks who dont want nor … Read more

Shame the front USB ports look like a cheaply done afterthought.


Okay cool, as it’s a Sunday I imagine a bit longer (y)


usual within 24hours atm.


Absolutely (y) 🏻 What’s the tough timescale they take for quotes to get back to you?


Can you let me know the ££ for their offer back to you? and part choices., as i pass on new quotes to others as we go along, good luck.

Ryzen 1200 + RX560 + 480GB SSD + 16gb 3000mhz Home+Office+Gamer Desktop £389 @ Palicomp
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Posted 1st JunPosted 1st Jun
Ryzen 1200 + RX560 + 480GB SSD + 16gb 3000mhz Home+Office+Gamer Desktop £389 @ Palicomp
£389 Free P&P Free
An Alternative Budget, Multimedia, med 180 gamer, Office + Home System desktop... This package is from the below Quote beater, if your interested in this package, Email: sales@pal… Read more


sarden84 and build on the GPU, CCL have just dropped some of their prices in this one..... so its competitive again. AWD was leading the race with these at £500 and afew others on site at £500 (£430 advertised time u build them up- hidden bits) 600+ is Palicomp deals, if u see a good combo in the CCL one, after doing edits, it changes the URL!. copy that URL and send it to here: pali beat CCL last month and AWD 600+ they couldnt touch AWD £500 old range as they dont carry the RX570.... but as i said awd one is out of stock, and the populer CCL one is back in the game, but im sure pali will price beat it again at the upper £550 RX580 ones, but if u were that bang £500 it be hard, for that RX570 level.


Thank you Sarden! If I had up to £500 what do you suggest? Best,


FM: Way over specs, Wow: min is rx560 2gb, this top part of this post is 4gb of that very card. So ull be able to run it min with afew tweaks going higher on some setting adjustments on the Vram increase. for a £400 system very good, and this was done for people with that max budget of £400 to give folks another option then: 3400G set up, a boost on GPU performance, and idea for the type of games u mention where u dont need that high of a cpu performance, Copy my part stats over to: / hundreds have done so from 350+1200builds now, if u had a budget of £500 i would suggest another line.


You are a god to tech naive people like myself, so thank you! I need a new comp as mine has just died. £400ish is the budget. At the moment I just play football manager, but dabble with WoW when new expansions are released. Is this what I need in my life? Thank you.

Palicomp "Quote Beater" Ryzen 3 3300X, 240GB SSD. 1TB HD, 16GB Ram, RX580 £590 (also Optional GPUs choice) @ Palicomp
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Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
Palicomp "Quote Beater" Ryzen 3 3300X, 240GB SSD. 1TB HD, 16GB Ram, RX580 £590 (also Optional GPUs choice) @ Palicomp
Quite alot of folks have been coming to me as of late about the Ryzen 3 3300x CPU, and they have noticed that new CPU is in the previously popular "stryker" package by CCL. As mo… Read more

give them an email, copy/paste the part list, and u seen it on ukhotdeal, why at it, ask about the 2600x ..


Case doesn’t really bother me, just looking for the best option for a budget, £580 sounds affordable.


2600 /2600x under that package. send me a message with your email and i can cc u into an default email ive done for others, get the ball rolling. (which out of the 2 case do u like?) any other cases u seen u like? are u happy with 240gb SSD / 1tb? (its the lowest sensiable option, fast os and plenty on the rear in hdd for storage) to keep cost down so u put more ££ on gpu/cpu.


I assume 2600 would be a better choice then?


Like quite a lot of multitasking. And a bit of gaming sometimes. Up to £600

Palicomp Quote beater, Ryzen 5 3600 - 512GB Nvme - 3TB HDD with 5600xt £809.99 or 2060 £819.99 Graphics card @ Palicomp
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Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Palicomp Quote beater, Ryzen 5 3600 - 512GB Nvme - 3TB HDD with 5600xt £809.99 or 2060 £819.99 Graphics card @ Palicomp
Phone call order.... / or email. So last week, i took one of CCL popular builds. The "stryker". and did a quote beater at Palicomp, They nailed it, offering branded ram, 2600 rat… Read more

Anyone, is it normal for demanding games to push the temperature up from 55 idle to 95 sometimes over 100c?


Well after removing a rogue plastic clip that was wedged in the rear case fan preventing it from spinning, refitting the fan properly with four screws (previously only two screws were actually attached to the case) , and re-seating the GPU card (it's as though the GPU to case screw fitting is not square and hence pulling the far end of the card out)... ... It's up and running. Riotoro PSU now in (I'm told), and the correct Gigabyte 2060 GPU that's happily running a three monitor setup. Looks slightly cooler than before but I haven't once seen anything less than 52c on idle as claimed. It will peak at 95c on a game and about the same on cinebench testing. It rebooted itself (not a harsh power cut) three times this morning before I fixed the rear case fan, will keep an eye one this. Been ok for the rest of the day, but boy it's running hot, case is very hot to touch too. I'll test/assess further over the weekend. If anyone has any recommendarions of what to test and what with, do please let me know. Thanks.


Update on my situation: Well possibly good news, I get my unit back today after speaking with them yesterday. They concluded the CPU was from reportedly a 'bad batch of 3600's', they said there are a number of similar cases that have been reported! They tried different (better) CPU coolers with no difference to idle temp, they swapped the CPU and immediately the temp reduced by 20c to a more normal 45c. They've also added a slightly better CPU cooler whilst changing it - I assume it's just the slightly bigger (copper core?) one from the 3600x. Fingers crossed 🤞 ...and that idle temp was with the bios set to run my 3600 DDR4 RAM at the higher clock speed it's designed for, which means the CPU is clocked a little higher and hence a little hotter than standard. Well, I'll certainly be checking it over too.


Update: Well they've had the PC for over a week now but finally rang me on Monday. They've swapped the GPU and PSU as agreed, seems they're now testing the heat issue, but that was two days ago, no follow up yet :/ . I've asked for a phone call before anything is shipped back to me so they can explain what's been done, if I'm not convinced I'll cancel and request a'll be too much grief vs the savings at that point.


Cinebench R.20 came out at 3550. I've not done anything other than install what I need and only did it because of the problems reported on here, so no idea what the score actually means! I've managed to play CSGO, Civilisation 6 and Final Fantasy XV so far without any problems. If I can't download a proper partition tool to sort it then I'll follow the approach you suggest. I hope that both of you get the problems sorted soon. (highfive) Edit: Got the Reserved System partition moved and converted the 3TB HDD to access it all, sorted. Again hope you are sorted soon.

Quote Beater at Ryzen 2600, 16GB Ram, 240gb SSD, RX580 8GB - £575 @ Palicomp
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Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Quote Beater at Ryzen 2600, 16GB Ram, 240gb SSD, RX580 8GB - £575 @ Palicomp
So pretty much most people know i like seeking budget bargains when it comes to PC parts or Prebuilts systems one of the most popular deals for the past 4 months has been CCL Stry… Read more

Hi Sarden84, what is a config you recommend if I want to get the Ryzen 5 3600 for playing games. I am not a big gamer at all but want to play things like battlefield, civilization etc maybe 10-20 hrs. And want to be able to run some VMs, photoshop, etc. ~£500 is a good price point. 16gb RAM, 240gb SSD, 1TB HDD, and perhaps the GTX 1660 4 or 6gb GPU, USB 3.x, HDMI is very important. I will most likely get from Palicomp if they have stock.I am quite comfortable with computers (used to put them together 2 decades ago). Ideally I can get it in the smallest form factor and I am not bothered about a lighted up box. I saw this .


OK cool thanks


yeah i pitched them for direct deals where the big guys are really struggling to fill builds tbh n very limited, ive got loads on here of them, in all fairness here is a little tip: email them over the things ive stated (except /windows).. add in wifi and mention a TpLink £10 at the bottom and that u seen it on ukhotdeals.. dont mention windows at all.. when they reply back they will offer u a package whats about £65... in this they will throw in windows pro, upgrade ur psu to 600w, u get some cheap steam games, and upgrade the cooler, so £15 extra u get nice bits, some kinda headset and card reader n that. but let them pitch u for it lol


Hi @sarden84 we spoke earlier and for some reason i cant send private messages yet. For around the 600 mark is this the a pre built can do? what would you recommend the most to be upgraded? as i dont mind pushing 650 or 700. If not palicomp who do you recommend at the moment for a pre built?


this... CPU AMD Ryzen R5 2600 Mobo ASUS Prime B450M-A RAM 16GB Corsair DDR4 3000MHz SSD 240GB SATA III £32 Case Cronus Metis Gfx AMD RX580 8GB OS None HDD 1TB Seagate BarraCuda PSU 500W 80+ Rated PSU (Kolink 500w B PSU) So with WiFi and Windows they would do it for £635 I suppose? I did actually look at the Palicomp £499 gaming pc deal, but this seems to be a better graphics card and more ram for less than on the website so seems a good deal.

AMD Orion Ryzen 3700x +5600XT 512GB Nvme, 3Tb HDD Gaming PC £999.99 plus other options @ Palicomp
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Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
AMD Orion Ryzen 3700x +5600XT 512GB Nvme, 3Tb HDD Gaming PC £999.99 plus other options @ Palicomp
Spoken to Palicomp, and they have good stock in on these lines and the phone call edits..... (CPU change) - confirmed on the basis other shops are having stock issues and saves u … Read more

I like what you did there, nice. Will give them a call during the week. Thinking of getting the RTX 2060 upgrade, also don't want any RGB and need it to run quiet as will mostly be using it for work (don't need windows either). Thinking the Gamemax SIlent case but this Ttake Versa looks good too.


90+ and shutting down during gaming ,Idle 57c to 67c zero load. You


The water cooler is out of stock, spoke to chap on phone who offered me a different water cooler for a bit more money, after breif discussion he recommended me a branded air cooler alongside a different case with high airflow. (Be quiet something... x) Also advised the mouse and keybkard set out of stock only basic one in stock, to which replied I was happy with, he basically said dont bother and go elsewhere. So changed up a bit more but not spent a penny more which is refreshing.


I’ve noticed when gaming that my fan goes a little loud, I mean the temps are fine etc around 65c when gaming on ultra settings but the noise can be slightly annoying. Since it happened yesterday I’ve checked the fans and it’s not them, it actually seems like it might be the PSU! Wonder if it’s faulty or just loud one that I’ve got as I’m fairly certain it’s PSU


Good luck and make sure you tell them the cooler is fitted properly or you will be rejecting it.Also send them exactly what you and ask for no substitues.Honestly will save you grief later.

AMD Navigator By PaliComp - 3600x, 5700xt, 16gb 3600mhz ram, Windows OS £1249.99 @ Palicomp
-148° Expired
Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
AMD Navigator By PaliComp - 3600x, 5700xt, 16gb 3600mhz ram, Windows OS £1249.99 @ Palicomp
AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 3.8 GHz 6-Core Processor £185 ID-COOLING FROSTFLOW+ 240 SNOW 62 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler £50 Asus TUF GAMING X570-PLUS ATX AM4 Motherboard £190 Corsair Vengean… Read more

I have my 3900x on a 450 mortar max and it sings all day and all night long


few months ago would of cost u this.. 1) they aint reflected the price. (somewhat dearer then others Part value vs total build sale on alot of lines except this for gpu. ... 2) where as parts gone up, then demand,.... all factors other places gone high in prebuilts. 3) only the GPU, middle ground SSD are good, 240 low aspect up, but not middle..... cpu has infact dropped in 6months, ride high but 6 months were higher, its just the gpu, so u use the old price theme, this has a £40 build in the calc...... for a 1200 build thats good........ 5) x570 is debatable, ive covered b450, what they failt to see not everyone desires b450 but x570...... -this is for them or call up n save hundred....... 1200 X570 or b450 1100 (exc windows for..... 1200 in todays rate or 1160 in yest rate....... or b450 1100 in todays rate vs 1060 in yest VS CCL/ebuyer 1200 builds. 1100parts, = cost 1200........ (thats for basic stuff......) start messing with their 3600mhz ram, tomahawks...... 1200 parts = 1400 to buy.


Inflated by how much though? What would this have cost 6 months ago?


Thanks Think I’m going to go for H700 case (white) 2700x 2080 super 16gb 3200 Corsair Rm750x PSU gold Nzxt cooler liquid 280 500gb Samsung 970 evo m2 4tb seagate barracuda 1200mb dual Wi-fi pci 450 ATX board (probably Asus prime plus or similar) (no windows licence) £1468 delivered I think I like this spec, I am edging towards triple screen 1080p at least racing sim soon. So want a decent enough spec capable! Any concerns ?


Thanks Think I’m going to go for H700 case (white) 2700x 2080 super 16gb 3200 Corsair Rm750x PSU gold Nzxt cooler liquid 280 500gb Samsung 970 evo m2 4tb seagate barracuda 1200mb dual Wi-fi pci 450 ATX board (probably Asus prime plus or similar) (no windows licence) £1468 delivered I think I like this spec, I am edging towards triple screen 1080p at least racing sim soon. So want a decent enough spec capable! Any concerns ?

Ryzen 3600 + Nvidia 2070 / 16gb Ram / 1TB NVME + 3TB HDD £1099.99 from palicomp
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Posted 26th AprPosted 26th Apr
Ryzen 3600 + Nvidia 2070 / 16gb Ram / 1TB NVME + 3TB HDD £1099.99 from palicomp
GameMax Gamboge Mid Tower Gaming Case £33.81 AMD RYZEN 5 3600 - 160 ASUS TUF B450-PLUS GAMING B450 CHIPSET £95 CORSAIR DOMINATOR 16GB DDR4 £99 3TB SEAGATE SATA3 - 6GB/S, 7200 RPM &… Read more

SAMSUNG 24X DVD+/-RW DUAL LAYER ?? What year is this? On a serious note, heat added.


Expired - no 2070's in stock any more




sure, ill post it later this evening.


I would be interested in the x570 and liquid cool for the extra could you do it please

PaliCom "Deal of the week" 2600x - 8gb Ram - 1650 GPU - 512GB nvme - £499 @ Palicomp
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Posted 25th AprPosted 25th Apr
PaliCom "Deal of the week" 2600x - 8gb Ram - 1650 GPU - 512GB nvme - £499 @ Palicomp
+ my edit idea to make it better and on value. // here we have PaliComp Deal of the Week/end ill run though whats in the spec "click link" and whats good to change. AVP HYPERION… Read more

no worries


i just thought u was reply to me when i said option below lol, i was just saying fans not coolers :D


wasn't criticising. just speaking from experience. i wanted this form factor, but with an optical drive bay, it was a trade-off. it's fine for the price, but not great airflow .


air coolers, correct. will need reviewing over which ones will/wont, i was ref to "fans" at the bottom. for the case, tbh, its a budget build idea the alt version, so air/liq coolers = change case. best method .


i have that case. i'm pretty sure the majority, if not entirety of those air coolers won't fit inside it, they're too tall. Also if you're looking at this, there's only space for 1 80mm fan at the back of the case, 2 120mm's at the front.

AMD Orion Ryzen 3700x +5600XT 512GB Nvme, 4Tb HDD Gaming PC £999.99 at Palicomp
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Posted 13th AprPosted 13th Apr
AMD Orion Ryzen 3700x +5600XT 512GB Nvme, 4Tb HDD Gaming PC £999.99 at Palicomp
AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 3.6 GHz 8-Core Processor £269.99 Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 Memory £83 Intel 660p 512 GB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive £67 Seagate Ba… Read more

AMD Orion with AMD heatsink & fan £959.99 AMD Orion with AMD heatsink & fan with Ryzen 3600 £859.99 AMD Orion with AMD heatsink & fan with Ryzen 2600x £829.99 if u wanted to knock this PC down..


Many thanks, you're incredibly helpful. I'll give them a call tomorrow and order.


Good Value, i would go 2070, the XT is a little higher in FPS in some areas, but the 2070 is so much more stable and is a nice productive card, so its upto u


Hi, I'm very close to buying this - would like advice on whether this is the best deal I can get for the spec (without building myself): This deal, with the following modifications: COOLERMASTER MB520 RED +£21 CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB PRO 32GB DDR4 3200MHZ +£124.95 (I notice the motherboard handles 3200 max?) AMD RX 5700 XT 8GB PCI-E 4.0 - HDMI-DP - VR READY +£148 (Agonising over this or 2070 for the same price) 650W PSU - GIGABYTE BRONZE P650B BRONZE - 80% EFFICIENCY (MID/HIGH GAMING) +£36 Brings it to a total of £1329.94 I know that if I shopped around and built it myself, I'd get it for a couple of hundred less, but I want the build and warranty (which I might well take to 3 years parts and labour for £59). Can I get this kind of specification and convenience for significantly less, or is this a decent deal?


Here you go mate. Not sure about how much each component was. Basically took whatever you said on the other thread and added a 2060 super. 1KOLINK Observatory1AMD RYZEN 5 2600 - Gen2 - 3.4/3.9Ghz Turbo) - 6 Core - 12 Threads - 16MB Cache 1HEATSINK/FAN For CPU Included To Cover Overclock If Applicable 1ASUS Prime B450M-A B450 Chipset - USB3.1 - USB3.0- M.2 1CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 8GB DDR4 3200Mhz 1512GB Intel 660p M.2 2280 NVMe- 1500MB/s(R)-1000MB/s(W) 1SAMSUNG 24X DVD+/-RW Dual Layer & Dual Format 1nVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER 8GB - HDMI-DP - VR Ready 1600W PSU - THERMALTAKE RGB 80+ - 87% Efficiency (Mid/High Gaming) 813.99

AMD RYZEN 5 2600 - Gen2 - 3.4/3.9Ghz Turbo) - 6 Core - 12 Threads - 16MB Cache at Palicomp for £105
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Posted 12th AprPosted 12th Apr
AMD RYZEN 5 2600 - Gen2 - 3.4/3.9Ghz Turbo) - 6 Core - 12 Threads - 16MB Cache at Palicomp for £105
AMD RYZEN 5 2600 - Gen2 - 3.4/3.9Ghz Turbo) - 6 Core - 12 Threads - 16MB Cache £105 here excellent price considering the market atm..... Question i… Read more

£115 now


You can't even call it gen2 it's 1.5 at best and called zen+. Anyway not blaming you but it's not really right and just clarifying (or failing to as it's very muddy water).


Gen is not zen either ;-) Gen is short for generation, if we want to get teccy rubbish on it, the 2600 is 2nd generation of the ryzen line..... but either way, i didnt write it. its from the site. .


Just to clarify these are not gen2. Gen2 (zen2) are 3xxx parts not 2xxx parts.


have u bought the board yet?. nvm u said bought.... its a good price, its £10 then everywhere else, reason ive not stuck it down as there is currently a promo on the MATX version @ £82 where u get RES Evill free of charge. or 95 for the ATX version (there one £85 ) but u get the game free of charge from other places.

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