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Palit GeForce RTX 3080 GAMING PRO 10GB V1 Graphics Card - £629.98 with code (UK Mainland) @ eBay / ebuyer

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Not a bad price for this card.

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Product Identifiers
Brand: Palit
MPN: NED3080019IA-132AA
EAN: 4710562241945
Model: Palit GeForce RTX 3080 GamingPro
eBay Product ID (ePID):15044893621

Product Key Features
Memory Type: GDDR6X
APIs: DirectX 12 Ultimate, OpenGL 4.6, Vulkan
Memory Size: 10 GB
Chipset/GPU Model: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080
Chipset Manufacturer: NVIDIA
Features: RGB Lighting, G-SYNC/FreeSync Compatible
Power Cable Requirement: 8-Pin + 8-Pin PCI-E
Connectors: DisplayPort, HDMI
Compatible Slot: PCI Express 4.0 x16
eBay More details at eBay

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    Think I might finally bite. Don’t want to buy used. Might have gone for 4070 Ti but worse for VR
    There still aren’t many meaningful comparisons out. But the 4070ti has the memory bandwidth of just over a 3060 or thereabouts, VR is like a 4K display so it maxes out this then leads to worse performance. Supposedly a 3070 is better in VR than a 4070 Ti as the 3070 has much better memory bandwidth.

    reddit.com/r/v…vr/ (edited)
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    I bought the 6800XT Red Devil last week from there for £609 including delivery. The 3080 wasn't on offer at the time. Before Nvidia released their 40XX cards, I'd probably have chosen the 3080, given the choice. However, I just can't give Nvidia any more of my money whilst they are charging the ridiculous prices for the current generation. You need to consider how much you value ray tracing performance, against a card with more RAM.
    The Red Devil runs cool and quietly, but I'm not keen on it's RGB. It's overkill. I prefer a more understated design, personally, but I can always deactivate it. (edited)
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    Are Amazon likely to match? Was about to order then I remembered the last [terrible] return experience I had with eBuyer. (edited)
    They've stopped price matching now
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    wait for 300
    300 what? years
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    Lol, a 2 year old GPU. These should be around £500-550 at the most now. GPU market is a shambles, if you’ve got a decent card (GTX 1080Ti and above) you’re better off waiting a month or two… I think the RTX 4080s will soon drop in price as well as the 7900XT / XTX
    Though to be fair people were saying wait a month or two most of last year; and eventually prices started creeping up a bit.

    This is still a crap price but if I was in the market i'd just be considering getting it now.
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    Please ignore comment above regarding warranty. In the UK and EU, warranty is exclusively handled by the retailer, not the manufacturer. In the UK there are a couple of manufacturers (EVGA, gigabyte and Asus, maybe more) that handle direct warranty, but only if the buyer cannot get hold of the retailer. It is not the case here as you are buying from ebuyer and chances are they will be in business for a while. 

    palit are decent cards, but the warranty is only 2 years as opposed to gigabyte etc that are three. Some high end gigabyte models come with 4 years.

    my biggest question here, is ‘why is this a deal’? 2.5years from release for RRP? 
    Its a deal because its as cheap as you can get. We know if GPU prices are silly but if you need a good GPU whats the alternative? I'm holding on to my 2080 but if that died tomorrow I'd have no choice but to look for a new one and this is the cheapest I've seen in ages. That makes it a deal.
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    I paid £715 17th Sept 2020 for this exact same card so that’s a £85 drop in price in 28 months, Anyway the card has been solid and used daily so it was a good buy for me.

    Personally I am looking at upgrading sometime this year depending on what happens with prices for the 4080 series.
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    I'm holding, it's a great deal if you need a high end GPU NOW but honestly:
    Palit is a mediocre brand, I searched through some reddit threads and there's lots of owners who complain about fan quality on those, apparently it's loud.
    Honestly, even if 3000 series was available at MSRP from day 1 these prices were greedy and absurd to begin with.
    But still, it's 20 quid below MSRP for FE, they're selling it at a loss. Used and refurbished cards sell for 800 quid on Ebay, if you need a 3080 badly, go for it - it's a great deal and if my 1070 died today I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
    Over £600 for a card that is over 2 years old tech is insanity, but thankfully i grabbed a steam deck last year and never looked back, so Nvidia and AMD can go suck egg as i am free from their nonsense. lol
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    Palit warranty is non existent so i would avoid. My 2080Ti died just before christmas and they don't want to know.
    I can just imagine it

    chickey999: Never mind that, my lad. I wish to complain about this palit what I purchased not half an hour ago from this very boutique.

    Owner: Oh yes, the, uh, the 2080 Ti ...What's,uh...What's wrong with it?

    chickey999: I'll tell you what's wrong with it, my lad. 'E's dead, that's what's wrong with it!

    Owner: No, no, 'e's uh,...he's resting.

    49326556-OSy1H.jpg (edited)
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    Thanks OP Ordered
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    4060ti is likely to have the same performance and 4070 be slightly ahead of this. Question is how much is it going to cost? (edited)
    Maybe, and possible better power consumption too (although Nvidia are running all their 4nm/5nm cards pretty much to the max which isn't great for power consumption - note how last gen the Radeon 6800 (non XT) was the most power efficient, and the later releases on team red were mostly less so, the 6700 XT for instance was running far closer to its max. Basically, I think Nvidia are doing similar with the 4000 series).

    However, rumours point to the 4060 Ti being once again 8GB. Because 8GB is so good that Nvidia were able to it for the 1070, 2070, 3060 TI, 3070 and now possible the 4060 Ti despite the later being almost 3 times as fast. Planned obsolescence IMO.
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    Considering a 3080 FE was £540 at release 2 years ago this is not a deal. Honestly if you want cheaper nVidia cards stop rewarding them for price gouging. (edited)
    That’s founders addition and they are always lower than MSRP.

    A lot has happened in two years too. (edited)
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    Where's a good place to sell a used graphics card these days without going down the Ebay route. Not keen on posting a 3090Ti.
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    After a couple of decades of eBaying, I've long learned not to buy high value items from private sellers. So I bought a used 3080 on on eBay for £550 from a private seller, genius. Despite repeated assurances of it being 'mint' and 'hardly used', obviously it looked like it had been in a washing machine with 10 grands worth of 50p pieces, used to mine several Lambos worth of crypto, spent an evening being interrogated by Tate's arresting officers and received a brutally accurate tweet from a teenage climate activist.

    It performed as expected, crashing repeatedly, why did I break my own rules? IDK, perhaps I thought humanity might have changed its ways. But for this price I might as well pick one up new, cheapest used on online with a warranty right now is £560. They are amazing cards but the prices are just insane, my last card was a 980ti at £500 and that was beyond my extreme top end, £1,269 GBP for the 4080 is wild.
    Couldn't you return it? Ebay normally side with buyer if it doesn't perform as described.
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    I was still a little on the fence on this but I may go for it tonight. Hesitated due to coming across some posts of people saying it's stupid to buy the 3080 now the 4070 Ti is out, but I don't get that argument, by that rationale it's stupid to buy the 4070ti because the 4090 exists... the 4070ti is £170 more than this, that's not a negligible jump in price.
    £800 for a 12GB card. Ouch.
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    Old tech for new tech prices, thought this was HOTukdeals...
    What's the alternative tho. The market is what it is. I don't want to pay this for a 3080 but if I don't I have to keep chugging along with my 980ti, which doesnt really cut it for 4k or VR. I read the 4080 id priced at like £1200 or something, there's just no way thats ever going to be a purchase I consider.
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    Thanks OP, good find. Finally gave in.
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    I have bought and bitten. Will sell the 3060 8GB that came with my Costco pc to go towards this…
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    I have ordered this for VR with an Oculus. Do think it will suffer with the 10 GB memory as opposed to 12GB available on some cards or if indeed this really matters for the forseeable future?

    Also, do you think a 5600x would slightly bottleneck this GPU and I should try to get a 5700x or 5800x? (edited)
    Regarding oculus, even a much older and lower end card will do just fine.

    A 5800x would probably help if you are playing (non-VR) 1080p (CPU-intensive) games and want to achieve high enough FPS, for example, to match the FPS with a 240hz monitor. But don’t take my word for it. Go on YouTube and check 5600x VS 5800x videos on different games in different resolution etc. to find out for yourself what cpu is best for you based on the games you play, the monitor you have and how many fps you want to achieve.

    if you are using a high resolution monitor, 1440p or 4K, the cpu won’t matter or will matter much much less. (edited)
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