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Palit GeForce RTX 4080 GameRock 16GB GDDR6X PCI-Express Graphics Card - £1099.99 + £10.50 delivery @ Overclockers

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Back down to £1100, cheapest 4080 at the moment.
Still £300 too expensive for me but if I had to buy at this price range this would be the card I'd be buying.
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    NVIDIA is rumoured to announce 4070 Ti and price cuts to the 4080 and 4090 at CES on January 3rd. Definitely hold until then at least.
    Thanks mate
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    the problem with this card is that buildzoid already examined similar / same pcb for 4090 version and the vrm just cuts too many corners. built down to a price those drmos power stages arent smart, no protection features and they run hot. so long term reliability is the primary cocern there. i say this also because many previous gen gamerock cards also appear on ebay in a faulty condition not working. the cheap pcb design is surely due to low aib margins. and rgb is what sells cards not the vrm.

    you can buy it. you can run it fine. just dont expect it to last any longer than the warranty window. built to a cost.. which in this situation is 1100 bucks of your hard erned cash. but heh! dont worry! ...because nvidia has their guaranteed protected margins. they always gets their chunk of the pie is all that matters. plus $20 of rgbs diffusers for the consumers, since thats all the consumers cares for
    The problem with this card is that people like you deem it bad because BZ says so, while completely ignoring the fact that he's always going to be hard on cards that are cost-optimised because his focus is on extreme overclocking and thus he literally needs cards that are built like tanks so that they don't blow up when he shoves stupid volts through them under LN2. The thing is though, most consumers aren't going to overclock the card they buy anywhere near that level, so they don't need it to be built like a tank... which means that for most consumers, BZ's overly-harsh reviews are completely worthless and should not be used as any sort of guidance on what to buy and what not to. In fact I'd argue he's having a negative effect on the market because by constantly berating manufacturers for cost-downing to make their cards reach acceptable price levels, he's effectively forcing them to build cards using better components... which, guess what, costs money, so the cards become ever-more expensive.

    The exact same thing already happened with motherboards. Most boards today could get away with 8-phase VRMs and a single EPS12V input and that would easily handle all but the most extreme CPUs and overclocks, but about a decade ago reviewers started berating motherboard manufacturers for having lower phase counts than their competitors, with the result that even low-end boards started shipping with 10 or more phases and an extra EPS12V connector. Completely useless and irrelevant overbuilding to 99% of consumers, but as a result boards now cost £50 more for functionality that that 99% will never require. But we all get to pay that extra, unnecessary tax because MOAR PHASES BETTAR (which, if you've been following along, is one of the things that BZ keeps harping on about on GPUs).

    Now don't get me wrong, I'm all in favour of higher-quality products that last longer, but designing and manufacturing better products invariably costs more and that cost is always passed on to the consumer.
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    Palit. Do NOT buy Palit in the UK if you can. The warranty is passed to the retailer so you are at the mercy of the retailer and the manufacturer somehow is able to abscond their responsibility for their product. Just in the throes of taking action regards a few cards where we learned the hard way. Hopefully a landmark case and this practise can stop. Will also apply I believe to KFA2, Galax and Gainward cards, but still need to clarify. Stick to your decent renowned brands for now until these EU / UK loopholes are ironed out... (edited)
    I had a palit card and overchargers wouldn't help either. Called trading standards and threatened OC with small claims court and they suddenly got a lot more interested
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    They can rinse us, because we are stupid. Why are we still flocking and rewarding them for thier poor behaviour?. Let them have stock they can't sell until the prices come down. So that nvidia incur the wrath of the retailers.

    The prices won't be corrected until something happens and nvidia are forced to be competitive.

    AMD is getting there but still not neck-a-neck with nvidia yet. (edited)
    AMD is getting there but still not neck-a-neck with nvidia yet.- do you mean AMD being 2nd in the race at ripping off cnsumers?
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    Overchargers back at it again
    I remember getting a 3080 at launch for 660..literally a few seconds after purchasing they increased the price to 720-730 lol

    Mine still went through at 660
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    On 3rd Jan let’s hope we see a price drop for the 4080. While in a sale I would pick one up sub-1000 so fingers crossed they drop it be a fair bit.
    Fingers crossed mate
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    Come on £999!
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    I’d want a 4090 at this price. Big pass. Cold.
    4080ti should be close to 4090 performance for this price, probably have to wait until summer or later.
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    I realise this is expensive but thanks for the effort OP. I'm in the market for a new card but will wait to see what the new year brings. Heat anyways
    as the years go there is more and more fun Lol
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    What are you guys even planning to do with this?
    Stare at their Steam, Gamepass, Epic, Gog and UPlay library for ages wondering what to play ….. and then end up watching YouTube videos instead …. Just like I do (but at least I didn’t spend this kind of money to do that
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    Managed to pickup an MSI 4080 TRIO for £1100 on ebay and I believe I do get a warranty on it because you type the serial number into the website if I'm not mistaken. I know I'm feeding the problem but I literally have every single part to build a PC sat in my spare room and I just needed a graphics card and my last card was a 3070 so a 3080 would have been a small upgrade in reality. Did I do the wrong thing? I just want to play my PC now man and I got an okay Christmas bonus so fortunately for me money wasn't an issue like it normally is.
    IMHO if you got a 3070 at msrp you made a mistake going for 4080 as this is an actual downgrade if you consider price to performance. Now if you made your money back with 3070 mining as many did that’s a whole different story
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    Can’t see the 4080 dropping in price. I’ve just received 2 7900xtx MBA cards both have got the thermal issues. Junction temps 110c when playing games. Have to re paste it etc or hope the replacement is a good one. Yes it’s £200 cheaper but the AIB £7900xtx are same prices as the 4080 cards. But with the temp issues on the reference cards. It’s pushing people to buy 4080s now. My self included. AMD dropped the ball big time here after announcing that the flagship card was going to be £200 cheaper than the 4080.
    This is what I'm saying bro. The prices of AMD's card is similar to the pricing for the 4080 so honestly may as well get the 4080 because it uses slightly less power under load, better idle power, better drivers, support and functions, far superior Ray Tracing. Basically identical performance on rasterisation and I believe the faster GDDR6X memory will future proof it that little bit longer depending on your setup. I have a 1440p 165hz which imo the difference between 2k and 4k on a 27inch screen is negligible as well as a 1080p 280hz screen for eSports. Before you start the 4080 is a 4k card, I just wanted the highest frame rates possible as I have competed in the past but more of a casual nowadays. I have a Ryzen 5 7600x and I'll be upgrading to the 3D cache CPUs next year. Also the 4080 will probably support 2k on the latest titles for the next 5+ years easily. I will probably upgrade before then but at least I am not forced to if I don't want to.
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    This is not getting any cheaper despite what all is saying. Despite this being worse price to performance than 3070ti if you want this level buy it now. Or they bro h the price back to 1200
    Nah, screw em
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