Palit Nvidia GTX 1050Ti 4GB graphics card only £135.95 delivered from

Palit Nvidia GTX 1050Ti 4GB graphics card only £135.95 delivered from

£135.95£1499%Amazon Italy Deals
Found 10th Jul
Slowly, slowly, prices are coming down. Great low-mid range GPU the 1050Ti is (still), and finally back towards semi-sensible pricing.

Dispatched & Sold by Amazon.

Once in the basket the Graphics Card is ~€147.73, and the shipping is only €5.85.

Paid for in € with a fee free card, including shipping it comes a total of ~€153.58, which translates to £133-137 depending on the card used, and exchange rate when you check out.
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Currently running this card. Doesnt require power. You can get a small OC. Has ran well since i got it earlier in the year.
From Italy you say?

Does that make it a Euro Palit?

Godspeed2 h, 54 m ago

From Italy you say?Does that make it a Euro Palit?

Har, har, har.
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Prices are coming down slowly finally for cards that are almost two years old, because crypto mining is declining. Am not sure we should be happy or angry. I say nvidia/AMD and sellers can keep them you know where. I rather wait a month or two for new generation cards.
Not worth it. Get a 3gb 1060 from ebuyer from 179. 1060 beats 1050ti on FPS any day. Though, the colors of 1050ti are much better.
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