Palm Olive showergel for 28p a bottle.

Palm Olive showergel for 28p a bottle.

Found 5th Sep 2008Made hot 6th Sep 2008
Superdrug are pricing Palmolive Pure Cashmere showergel at 56p a bottle. Even better they are having a 2 for 1 on all palmolive showergel= 28p a bottle


I love Palmolive shower products. Heat added as I rush off to Superdrug tomorrow :-) xx

Good price 4 a great product! thnx xx

Title is confusing though. Product is 56p but BOGOFF.

great price for palm olive:w00t:

Thats a great deal! thanks! HaHa!

Great Deal, thanks.

What size bottle is this?

200ml I think.

nice find, i feel clean already, ave some h+r

my local shop is £1.79

just went and got the last two in Faversham store- they also had £1.79 bottles, these were end of line.

Brill deal. Was showing £2.19 BOGOF on display but made sure the 'correct' amount at till! Many thanks!

Great Find! Will buy lots tomorrow. :-D

Great find! Will buy lots tomorrow. :-D

Thanks to the OP. I got a good few of these yesterday. £2.19 each on the store display, but they went thru the till at 56p each (BOGOF).
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