Palm PDA Tungsten E2 Bluetooth with SD Card Expansion Factory Refurb £79.99

Palm PDA Tungsten E2 Bluetooth with SD Card Expansion Factory Refurb £79.99

Found 3rd Oct 2006
These Palm PDA Tungsten E2 Bluetooth with SD Card Expansion white box factory refurbs, look to be an excellent deal from BigPockets.Co.UK and they're just £79.99 for collection. Delivery is from £4.62 or free if you buy one of their qualifying items in the same order...

Check out this review from CNet:…tml

Features: Product Description: PDA Tungsten E2 * Handheld * Touch-screen, 5-way navigation button, stylus * Dimensions (WxDxH): 7.8 cm x 1.4 cm x 11.4 cm * Localisation: United Kingdom * Capacity: 32 MB RAM + SD & MMC Memory * Interface Type: Hi-Speed USB * Cpur: Intel XScale 200 MHz * Screen: 320 x 320 TFT Active * Connectivity: Bluetooth * OS: Palm OS Garnet 5.4 * Power: AC 120/230 V ( 50/60 Hz ) * Battery: Lithium Ion * OS Required: Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP, Apple MacOS X 10.2.6 or later * interface: 1 x headphones - output - mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm * 1 x USB * Software: Note Pad, Calculator, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Web Browser, Memos, Adobe Acrobat Reader for Palm OS, Bluetooth Manager, RealPlayer for Palm, Palm VersaMail, PalmSource SMS, palmOne Media, eReader for Palm OS, DataViz Documents To Go 7 Professional Edition.

Note: You can also get sat nav and wifi card for this model.
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Spindle Speed: 7200 rpm
Buffer Size: 2 MB

?? for what ??
Thanks steffcip Now removed that from their description ;-)
not your fault... I was surprised to see it on their site not your post... you just copied that
6 months RTB warranty as well.
Seems like a good deal to me
is this a PDA phone? ...js wondering coz of PalmSource SMS..
Very good price Ray thanks...
Thanks ray, this looks great!
I was on the verge of buying one last month but read this review on Amazon.

Having recently purchased the Palm T|X, which I am very pleased with, my … Having recently purchased the Palm T|X, which I am very pleased with, my wife also decided to purchase a Palm. Not wanting to spend the same money I did, she opted to go for the Tungsten E2. The Tungsten E2 is the oldest of the 3 currently available Palm PDAs on the market, having been around for about a year. It runs a slightly earlier version of Palm OS, v 5.4.7 compared to the latest which is v 5.4.9. Whilst setting up the Tungsten E2 for my wife I discovered that it has three major flaws in the built-in applications: 1. Percentage calculations are incorrect. For example, input "200 + 5% =" and you get an answer of 2.05 instead of 210. 2. In Contacts, a search will only produce the first 8 entries. Clicking on "Find More" just lists the same 8 entries again. 3. In Calendar when making a search, it finds all of the entries but does not display the date or time of single events found (there is a blank next to the event). It only shows weekly, monthly, daily etc for repeating events. I contacted Palm about this. Their response was that these were "known issues and at this point there are no solutions for it." These flaws apply to ALL Tungsten E2 PDAs, not just the one that I bought. Upon further investigation it appears that the Tungsten E2's ROM is not flash upgradeable, which explains why the Tungsten T5, which has a flash ROM and had the same problems, has received a flash update that corrects all of this and the Tungsten E2 has not. It seems that Palm have been aware of these problems for some time and yet continue to manufacture and sell the Tungsten E2 with no solution to these problems. My advice if you are considering a Palm PDA is to avoid the Tungsten E2 due to these flaws and pay the extra money to get the Palm T|X.

Thanks for the Amazon review

There are a few more unbiased reviews ]Here also
Get ready for spam-tastic bigpockets. Unfortunately they have a bad reputation...
Back in stock now !!
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