Palm TX handheld colour PC only £185 @ PCWorld

Palm TX handheld colour PC only £185 @ PCWorld

Found 23rd Aug 2006

This seems to be the cheapest I can see on the web for this item - £191 delivered from PCWorld. The in-store price is £230, so this is a bit of a reduction. It looks like a handy little device - read the full spec on the PCWorld website. If you are collecting at store, reserve online for free, but if you want to get it delivered, the charge would be £5.99 extra.

Details: Palm OS V5.4 Operating system, Built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, High resolution 320x480 display, 128MB internal memory, Edit and create Word & Excel files, Built-in e-mail and web browser, Built-in MS Outlook and Exchange 2003, View photos and videos, play MP3 files, SD expansion card compatible, Intel XScale 312MHz processor.

Don't forget quidco for some much needed cashback as well!
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[COLOR=darkred]Features for this PALM TX HAND HELD COMPUTER[/COLOR]
[*]-Palm OS V5.4 Operating system
[*]-Built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology
[*]-High resolution 320x480 display
[*]-128MB internal memory
[*]-Edit and create Word & Excel files-Built-in e-mail and web browser
[*]-Built-in MS Outlook and Exchange 2003
[*]-View photos and videos, play MP3 files-
[*]SD expansion card compatible
[*]-Intel XScale 312MHz processor[/LIST][COLOR=darkred]Specification for this PALM TX HAND HELD COMPUTER[/COLOR]
[*]Internal Memory: 128 mb
[*]Infrared Port: Yes
[*]Handwriting Recognition: Yes
[*]Keyboard Type: Touch Screen
[*]Colour Screen: Yes
[*]Display Resolution: 320x480
[*]Processor speed: 312 mhz
[*]Expansion Slots Available: 1
[*]Operating system: Palm OS5.4
[*]Integrated Speakers: Yes
[*]PC Connection Type: Cable
[*]Width: 7.8 mm
[*]Depth: 1.5 mm
[*]Height: 12.1 mm
[*]Weight: 0.149 kg
[*]Battery Type: Rechargeable lithium-ion
[*]PC Compatible: Yes
[*]Mac Compatible: Yes[/LIST]
So are these really just handheld PC's? These may seem like silly questions but I have never really took any notice of these hand held devices.

Could I access full internet, play pogo games, play online poker, alter my website and things?

Yes these are Pocket PCs, albeit with the Palm Operating System rather than being Windows based. Ive had Palms before. They tend to be faster, easier to use and less prone to conflicts or crashes however they are not as compatable with PC software for syncing etc. However, for every Palm fan there is a PPC fan saying the opposite!

The TX is slim, light with an excellent large screen. You can surf the net if you have a wireless router at home/work or in wifi hotspots. Wouldnt want to use it for too long as the screen size on Pocket PCs doesnt lend itself to extensive surfing. You couldnt really edit your website on it but you can edit Word/Excel docs on it and do emails (albeit in a cut down version).

There is loads of software for Palm...much of it FREE! I use ]THIS SITE to check out peoples' reviews and get the latest freeware/shareware (people also share license codes and cracks but thats up to them :wink:)

Ive had Palms and Pocket PCs and would always choose Palms for ease of use. I can lend mine full of games to my mother and she can use it on holiday...something I couldnt do with a Pocket PC due to the slight complexity of the software. Its also totally customisable with the many skins and operating system tweaks out their.

There is also a company called luzerntech on ebay and the web who ship refurb Palms (including the TX at £166 incl shipping) and Ive bought from them and the units have looked like new.

Hope this assists.

Great information Kevin - thanks for that. Some people carry these to the shops with them and if they see a good price on a product, they nip on to HUKD, kelkoo or froogle and make sure they are getting a good deal!
Cheers mate, very informative.
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