Palm TX Handheld PC - £149.99 @ Argos + Quidco

Palm TX Handheld PC - £149.99 @ Argos + Quidco

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Found 24th Apr 2009
(Possible 1.5% Quidco available.)

- Next cheapest on net is sold by Piximania at £247.20.

- Was : £179.99 | Now : £149.99

- 5 customer ratings, 5 stars.


As Netbooks are now down to £99, I can't see this being hot

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ermmm that is like saying a net books are down it cost so I can't see the point in having a phone which has the internet, ermmm maybe the difference in size???

These are great to slide into your pocket, net books require you to have a backpack...

As nice as the Palm TX was back in the day, and as much as I can see a use for it now to a small subset of people.... I'd have to say it's not cheap enough even at that price point. As a point of comparison an 8Gb iPod Touch would only cost you £15 more at list price, less if you find a deal or get quidco on it. Basically the same money and for most the iPod would be the better unit.

However if you're after a nice PDA device or need something business-focused then worth considering. For the vast majority though? Nah, if you want a dedicated unit go for the iPod touch, if you want a phone as well then there's a LOT of handsets out there that would be better suited to you than this.

Also, is it actually available anywhere? I've checked my usual batch of postcodes and can't find it in-store or available for delivery...
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