Palm Z22 - Handheld PDA Including Sudoku Game - £66 delivered + £10 cashback from Amazon

Palm Z22 - Handheld PDA Including Sudoku Game - £66 delivered + £10 cashback from Amazon

Found 28th Aug 2006
Palm Z22 - Handheld PDA Including Sudoku Game is £66 delivered from

Until 13/10/2006, you will get £10 cashback from Amazon if you buy any Palm Z22 or £17 cashback on Palm Tungsten E2.

Description: The Palm® Z22 organiser was designed by the makers of the original Palm® Pilot® specifically for people who haven't seen what a handheld organiser can do. Everything is super simple—a touch of a button brings up your appointments, addresses, and more. The Palm Z22 organiser even comes with an easy three-step set-up guide to get you up and running.

Everything looks great on the Palm Z22 organiser's bright, colourful screen. Names and addresses are easy to read, appointments can be colour-coded, and photos (yes, you can even carry your photos!) come to life. In light or dark rooms, it truly shines. This special edition Z22 also includes the smah-hit game Sudoku.

Features: Sudoku game | Personal organiser | Simple, easy to use | Keeps your information safe | Cool and compact design | Personalise it with photos, shopping lists and handy bonus software | Bright, colourful screen | Infrared Port | Colour Touchscreen Display | Calendar Button | 5-Way Navigator | Graffiti® 2 Writing Area: Enter letters & numbers with your stylus | Sync Button | Find Button | Contacts | Charging Connector: A rechargeable battery keeps you going | Mini USB Connector: Share and back up info to your computer
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Quite a number of reviewers on the site complain about the device dying after using it for a while, so beware

(although one of them said that resetting it did the trick...:confused: )
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