Pampers (2x54 for size 2); 2 for £10 plus PYO 20% off at Waitrose = 7.4p / nappy

Pampers (2x54 for size 2); 2 for £10 plus PYO 20% off at Waitrose = 7.4p / nappy

Found 17th May 2017
A double-up deal from Waitrose on their Pampers nappies.

They are offering 2 for £10 (as are a number of retailers at present). However, you can combine with their PYO offers and get a further 20% off.

Example I'm using is size 2's - you get 2 x 54 nappies for £8.00 which equates to 7.4p a nappy.

Normally I'd go for the Aldi nappies which are exceptional value imo (iro 5p / nap), however, the Pampers do appear to be more absorbent so I'm treating the little turd machine this month

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Do the over-nighters hate babies? Or Waitrose?

Shame other parents might not see this deal because of the cold voters....
Two things on this...
It is possible to get this price at ASDA without faffing around with PYO Offers:
However, my experience of PYO Offers is that they don't calculate the discount as you show. I'd recommend checking your receipt because I think they give you 20% off before the multibuy is applied, which would be:

2 x packs full price = 2 x £8 = £16
PYO 20% of that total = £3.20
Multibuy price = £10
Final price with PYO = £10 - £3.20 = £6.80

Now £6.80 would be a very good price for this, beating even Amazon Subscribe and Save!
Seems to be only sizes 2 & 3 that have both a multibuy offer and PYO. Looks like a good price if you need these sizes.
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