Pampers 9 X 63 sensitive wipe packs for £5 (INSTORE ONLY)

Pampers 9 X 63 sensitive wipe packs for £5 (INSTORE ONLY)

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Long time lurker, first post. I've saved loads using this site.

Asda are selling a Giga box of sensitive wipes for £5, thats only 56 p a pack - really good value (normally about £2.30 a pack but nearly always on BOGOF at various supermarkets). We've got a toddler (who refuses to give up nappies) and twin babies so we go through hundreds of wipes a day !!


Thanks for that Paul, I know where I will be calling tomorrow.

Welcome to HUKD:santa:

Who voted that cold?

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BTW Becyboo

I noticed you were from Leeds as well, Asda at Adel (cookridge) had loads of them

I know they have the four packs for £4 just now but 9 packs for a fiver is an amazing price!! Thanks for the tip

Great deal! shame i just done the shopping tonight and bought the ****** buy one get one pack free at tesco :oops: otehr than that its hot hot hot ! :thumbsup:

Welcome paulfromleeds great find mate well done.
Congratulations on your first post, its always good to share and give something back to all users of HUKD.:thumbsup:



Who voted that cold?

Whoever they were, they certainly won't be doing it again!

Great Find! But not in my ASDA :-( voted hot as our son is 6 and incontinent so we get through SOME! and are always on the lookout for this sort of deal!

Magic! I have been using wipes as a luxury @rse wipe for a while now. This is the best deal I have seen on wipes! :thumbsup:

can these be flushed down the loo?

these were advertised on the back of a womans mag a month or so ago (think it was £6 or £7)but when i went into asda there was no sign of them ever having had them so i took the mag to an assistant who called the manager and he said oh we have loads of these in the back. so if you cant find them it is worth asking about as they may not have room to put them out due to xmas goodies

They obviously can be flushed down the loo,but you shouldn't really. Like tampons etc. if you care about the environment,all you need to do is keep a bin in the toilet and use that

yuk , thats disgusting !!! ...... a bin in your toilet - where do you live , greece ???

each to their own , i aint getting a bin for my bog ..... the thought makes me wanna throw up !!

i thought 2 x 4 packs for £7 was good at asda living in thurrock a couple of weeks back. this is hot, have seen this deal before, but they usually stop selling them after a couple of weeks.

guess i will be doing shopping at adsa this week, i dont have a baby (well at 9 he can act like it) but i use wipes for EVERYTHING !! taking makeup off, cleaining the bathroom, cleaning floors, i use them for walls and paint work.. I buy about 10 packs every time i do the food shopping.. thanks for posting

Ive just bought a few packs for the little un from boots, buy one get one free on boots own wipes. Will be paying asda a likkle visit tmrw.

Thanks voted very hot.


our store had them in a few weeks ago stocked up then but only few boxes left now. The sell them in Tesco Extra stores but for £7.49 a box

Good deal, though went in my local asda today and they didn't have these. Voted hot.

Pete thats a great deal. Been up to Cookridge today and bought 4 boxes. They're not in the baby aisle though - they're at the end of the toiletry aisle next to the sarnies.

Great deal but not in Basildon, Essex. Best deal at present is 6 for £5.

none in the 2 asda's that i went to but great deal to those who find them!!!

They are £7 in my local store - but still a good deal!

yep £7 for me too
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