Pampers Active Fit Mega pack 2 for £20 or £12 each @ Morrisons
Pampers Active Fit Mega pack 2 for £20 or £12 each @ Morrisons

Pampers Active Fit Mega pack 2 for £20 or £12 each @ Morrisons

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Morrisons have an excellent instore deal for nappies just now.

I normally buy my nappies from ASDA and find that their 2 for £18 deal on jumbo packs is usually unbeatable.

However i was pleasantly surprised yesterday when my local Morrisons had an instore deal on the Mega packs.

Sizes available:

Size 3 - 126 nappies (works out as 7.93p per nappy)
Size 4 - 102 nappies (works out as 9.80p per nappy)
Size 5 - 93 nappies (works out as 10.75p per nappy)
Size 5+ - 87 nappies (works out as 11.49p per nappy)
They didn't have any size 4+ in my local store (which is what my lad is on) so i just bought the next size up as the deal is so good.


Hi is this a nationwide deal

Thanks :oops:


Hi is this a nationwide deal Thanks :oops:


Dont buy these activefit they are rubbish i would never buy these again

I think all the pampers have gone carp now that they've taken the padding out from the back my dd leaks nearly every doodoo time! I usually buy the pampers in bulk but i'm finding she needs to be 2 sizes up just to get enough height to stop the leaks, there is still a gap though as there is just no padding.
Going to have a try at the own brand nappies any recomendations?

i find both tesco and sainsburys own brand good napies i tried the pampers but found you need to change them twice as much to prevent leaks

this is fab deal as normal price £18.99 each , the 68 pack size 4 is £12 , i think someone up top messed up on deal ,
i went to boots this morning first as had vouchers and there 68 pack is 2 for £20 , then went to morrisons and the 102 pack is 2 for £20 , i find pampers still ok even though they have changed they brand, each to ther own

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Maybe these are better for little boys rather than girls, my lad stays dry in these so deal was awesome for me.

Very hot for me. Will try n get some today itself

The Morrisons deal has got better!!! Buy one mega pack for a tenner! Well, that's what ASDA are selling the jumbo packs for, which have about 30 less nappies in.
Also couldn't find size 4+, but I think Pampers dont do the mega pack in this size...also bought next size up. Pity they didn't have same deal on the Baby dry ones, which have more nappies per pack.
As far as the new active fit, my little boy is fine in them, tried the free samples sent , at night too, and had no leaks, they were even a size smaller (3!)...
Going to buy another pack tomorrow!

Has anyone had any problems with these.

We normally use Pampers baby dry without any problems, but with these we get leaks regular.
At least 1, but mostly more a day.
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