pampers active fit nappies size 4+ and 5+ jumbo box - £7 @ Sainsburys

pampers active fit nappies size 4+ and 5+ jumbo box - £7 @ Sainsburys

Found 11th Dec 2012
at title says found this two sizes piled up at sainsburys loughborough

size 4+ jumbo box : 66 nappies
size 5+ jumo box : 58 nappies

in store and online

sorry for repost if already posted.
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Thanks. Ordered 9 and combined with the save £12 on your first grocery shop (min spend £60)
£12 off First grocery code didn't work for me said code had expired, still heat for the offer.
These have been £7 in my local Sainsburys for quite a while. Stocked up nicely now.
thanks for the bump
£7.99 online
Can't see them online
Not a bad deal but only worth it if you're heading there anyway. As nappy buyers will know it's usually 2 x boxes for £20 anyway to today in Tesco 2 x 78 boxes (baby dry but these are just as good as active fit!) of size 4 are £20 making 12.8p per nappy. This deal gives you them at 10.6p per nappy so heat added but if you drive a mile to get them you've wiped out any saving.

Also, the size 5's in this deal work out at 12p a nappy so not amazing. As for the size difference I've never bothered with the '+''s as there so much overlap I just stick to whatever is on offer.

Size 4: 7 - 18 kg / 15 - 40 lbs
Size 4+: 9 - 20 kg / 20 - 44 lbs
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Can't see them online

Active fit Nappies

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fab price
they are £6.66 in tesco 64 nappies 5+
They have reduced the box sizes, used to be 76 in a box. (4+)
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they are £6.66 in tesco 64 nappies 5+

got a link ?
these are £3.50 at my local. i've just stocked up
I had stocked up on the 2 for £20 offer at Asda, but kept my receipt. i had other items in my shop taking over 8 items to be compared.
Done the Asda online 10% cheaper price promise, and now have a voucher for more than the difference of the cost had i bought at Sainsburys on this offer.
If Sainsburys are doing 1/3 selected baby essentials, then you should stock up at Asda keep your receipt and check on line 3 hours later and get the difference plus 10% by way of an Asda voucher.
Just remember you need 8 comparable items.
8 boxes of Active fit at £7.99 on line at Sainsburys is £63.92
the same 8 boxes at asda £80.
Difference £16.08
10% of difference £1.61
Total Asda voucher back £17.69
I know not much of a saving, but if your local Sainsburys is out of stock, and Asda has stocks, then you save.
Just remember and check what is on the SELECTED ITEMS offer at Sainsburys before doing this, and the sizes, as they are limited at Sainsburys.
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