Pampers baby wipes 12x64 £4.89 @ tesco in store

Pampers baby wipes 12x64 £4.89 @ tesco in store

LocalFound 23rd Jul 2012
Just bought a box 12x64 Pampers wipes for £4.89 in Wrexham Tesco so not sure if it's national? Online still showing £4.89 for 6 x64.

Otherwise asda selling 9x56 Pamper sensitive for £5.00
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Box of 12 is £10 in Crewe
This was posted before a week or 2 ago and it seems it was very store specific which is kind of confirmed by moomoo1
will have to go check it out good price if in my store, which is rare
£10 in Northampton, so probably store specific
Store specific
This sounds like the packs of 6 have been left in the big box of 12 which has been scanned instead. Happened before in Asda too. This is just staff not opening the packaging properly.
It's not staff issue - you can go with them through the self checkout...
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