Pampers Easy Up Pants £3.00 @ Asda

Pampers Easy Up Pants £3.00 @ Asda

Found 5th Nov 2009Made hot 6th Nov 2009
Pampers Easy Up Pants £3.00 normally £5.98 a pack

Size 4 maxi - carry pack 24 nappies
Size 5 junior - carry pack 22 nappies
Size 6 extra large - carry pack 20 nappies

Avaliable online and instores


Good deal and better than the 2 for £18 boxes of 52. I hate it when the supermarkets do these deals - why do they try and rip you off? One or two people notice the decent price and no stock left but the shelves will be full of the 52's re promotion 2 for £18. It is cheaper to buy them in these (posted deal) packs so why fill the shelves with boxes when the price is dearer to buy in bulk?
The multiple offers on i.e. Coke Cola Cans - the price labels do NOT make it clear which is the cheapest. Buy more then pay more per unit - so wrong!

I was going to post this the other day but totally forgot. Nice post.

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I was about to buy 2 for £18 then was looking at asda's own brand and noticed these were cheaper.

Tried to get these in my local Asda in Fife but no luck. Is it only certain stores?

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It's online for home delivery with weekly shopping so don't know

Found this deal yeasterday in Peterborough Asda and had lots of stock !!

No stock in Blyth (northumberland) I only know cause I took the last 4 packs, I had to ask for them to get them out of the back aswell!

Dyce (Aberdeen asda) has plenty though!
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