PAMPERS Sensitive Baby Wipes 63 x 6!!  for £4.00

PAMPERS Sensitive Baby Wipes 63 x 6!! for £4.00

Found 13th Jan 2008
Just been to my local Lidl store in Walsall and spotted these wipes on offer.
They have a multipack that contains 3 x 63 wipes - that's 2 packs +1 free pack for £3 which is great in itself.
The offer is buy 2 of these multipacks for £4.00 Hence 6 x 63 for £4

Please check your receipt to ensure you have the deal - I was initially charged £3 each, but they corrected it when I told them about their offer

Can't be bad. First post so go easy. Unsure if it's available at all stores


Just been to store near walsall Town. The price was £3 for 3 packs.
Still a good deal :roll:

Original Poster

They ring through the till as £3 per pack of 3 but there's a 'Buy 2 multipacks for £4' label - I had to question the price and they refunded the difference. My advice would be to go back buy another multipack for £1 bringing your total to £4

no offer at lidl morpeth today - looked out for it, not there!

Needs retailer name in title.

Don't think there's one near me... just an Aldi.

Asda have a similar deal and obviously greater availability than Lidl.…63/

Thanks OP, these are all we use and they are pricey! Hope they are offering this deal at our local.

nettos have a the same deal i think as well


nettos have a the same deal i think as well

Nettos have a pack of 6 for £5.99. which is still very good. i use loads a week:| my little boy likes to find the pack and empty the contents onto the kitchen floor.

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