Pampers Sensitive Wipes 9 Pack for £6.99 @Mothercare

Pampers Sensitive Wipes 9 Pack for £6.99 @Mothercare

Found 23rd Oct 2009
Picked up some of these for the newborn we are expecting!
Thought 6.99 for 9 packs was pretty good!
Got 4 boxes and one of the shop assisntants in Harrogate helped me back to the car with them! (Great service!)
Considdering going to get another 4 boxes as the Mrs reckons these will only last 6-7 months!!!! :O
Luckily we have a load of pampers £2 off any product vouchers for the newborn so eneded up paying £4.99 each!
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Looking at previous deals the big supermarkets have done better than this, but they seem to be grab it whilst you can if possible!
But hopefully ALOT easier to pick up without chasing around your county to find a store doing it! lol
They have boxes of 6 packs of johnsons sensitive in Asda at the moment for £4 which is a better deal (and you can put them in a trolley!)
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