Pampers wipes x 12 Packs - £7 @ Boots

Pampers wipes x 12 Packs - £7 @ Boots



We had an odd issue before xmas when trying to bulk buy wet wipes from boots. We were told something like we could only buy 12 packs maximum and it was national store policy. Not that we could find reference to that anywhere. It was actually quite urgent at the time and was rather embarrassing - having to beg for these at the counter on Xmas eve.

Interested to know if you have any problems if you bulk buy these.
Not for wipes, but I tried to 7 handwahes in clearance and they would only do six. They said store policy, so I left and came back a few minutes later and they still wouldn't give it to me
Not a fan of these...much prefer Huggies. Similar price too, I think, in most place
I can confirm It wasn't 12 it was also 6.
Fab deal these wipes are fantastic!
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