Pampers/Johnson  wet wipes - £7 instore / online @ ASDA

Pampers/Johnson wet wipes - £7 instore / online @ ASDA

Found 16th JanMade hot 17th Jan
12 pack pampers sensitive/Johnson sensitive wet wipes for £7 at Asda. Please delete if a repost.

Johnsons Wipes Extra Sensitive


Same price in tesco too...

Our Asda had 18 pack for 10 pounds so keep an eye out

great price

my other half keeps buying these because they're on offer - I swear I could build a small fortress from the stash of wipes we have. are they ever NOT on offer?

been 7 in tesco for fora while. they say one at a time, but I always end up with 6 in my hand. Tried Mamia ones last week and they are so much better. I am usually the brand snob. Also on the nappies now!

Huggies are £6 for 12 in Asda too.
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