Pan Cake Day Freebies - Free Jar of Nutella & More via quidco - new members

Pan Cake Day Freebies - Free Jar of Nutella & More via quidco - new members

Found 27th Feb 2017
FLIPPING FREEBIES How to get all your pancake ingredients for free – including a jar of Nutella

Follow the instructions on The Sun website.


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Cold from me for lack of info:
Only if you are a new member to Quidco and topcashback and only to the first 2500 people so to save people getting there hopes up and unnecessarily clicking the link:
Quidco is offering all members the chance to bag themselves a totally free jar of Nutella to thickly spread on their pancakes this Shrove Tuesday.

Members who sign up to Quidco and download its Clicksnap app by end of day Tuesday 28 February will be able to get a 200g jar of Nutella worth £1.50 totally free.

To get your hands on a jar of nutty heaven, sign up to Quidco for free, go to the Clicksnap page or download the Clicksnap app

Now you have your free Nutella filling thanks to Quidco, you can sign up to TopCashback’s Snap & Save app and get the rest of your ingredients.

If you’re a TopCashback and Snap & Save newbie, you can head to your local supermarket and buy your pancake ingredients. TopCashback recommends eggs, milk flour and sugar, although the deal is not limited to these items, as long as it comes in at £5 or less.

If you do spend less than £5, you will receive 100 per cent cashback up to the value of £5, and if you spend more, you’ll still only receive a maximum of £5 cashback

Once you’ve bought your pancake ingredients, sign back into your TopCashack account and submit your receipt, or alternatively, you can submit your receipt via its Snap & Save app
When uploading the picture of your receipt, make sure you show the date and time of purchase, the store name, and the products that are eligible for cashback.

Once receipts have been submitted, cashback will track into your accounts within seven working days and will become payable within 30 days.

Make sure you buy all of the items from one supermarket and then submit a receipt with those items visible via the app or website by Friday 3rd March.

The offer is limited to 2,500 people on a first come first served basis.

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