Panasonic 24ES500B - 24" LED Smart TV - £149 @ Asda In store

Panasonic 24ES500B - 24" LED Smart TV - £149 @ Asda In store

LocalFound 19th Nov 2017
Whilst out looking for a small TV for my Son / Daughters bedrooms for Christmas. I noticed a bit of a bargain in my local Asda.

£149 for a 24" Panasonic Smart TV. Model 24ES500B.

From a quick bit of searching online I can see it has gotten good reviews (yes its a HD ready tv but for the size it does not need to be any more). From what I have read its a very capable smart TV for the size and price.

Its showing at £279 in most other stores so I think its a bit of a bargain.

I bought two in the Nuneaton store, not sure if its store specific or not but worth checking if you're in the market for a small smart TV next time you are in your local store.

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I do think its a cracking deal for a 2017 model, with a good selection of smart features built in.

Bit of mixture of hot and cold votes going on which I find odd owing to the discount on this. Oh well, Can't please everyone :-)
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Anyone know any 24" Tv's out there with a full 1920x1080 res?

Want a decent one for PS4 and Xbox One S
This is only 768 not 1080p

Only 1 review and not great:…tml
Reviews I have read on other retailers pages have been good. The one review on the Panasonic site is from someone who had a defective unit.

Its 24" so is 1080p really needed? I doubt you would be buying a TV of this size for your cinema watching experience lol.

Eitherway, its a good chunk off the normal retail price and imo spot on for a bedroom / kitchen.
I can’t find this on Asda website?
In store deal
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