Panasonic 37" HD Ready TV (TX-P37C2): £314.10 new customers @ Very (else £349)

Panasonic 37" HD Ready TV (TX-P37C2): £314.10 new customers @ Very (else £349)

Found 5th Oct 2010
The Panasonic TX-P37C2 is £349 at Very but new customers get 10% off so that would make it £314.10.


Panasonic is a top brand, but buyers should be aware that this is not full HD (1080p) and does not include Freeview HD (so a separate HD digibox would be needed to get the HD channels).

sometimes in the small print it says not on electronics..just a heads up! Good deal though if you can get it!!!!

A dodgy Littlewoods code...............
Going to get cold in here…ner

no dodgy code, for real new customers there's nothing to worry about in using the code. cheap! (_;)

dont understand people against the codes tbh

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A dodgy Littlewoods code...............Going to get cold in here

Doesn't look dodgy to me:

Nothing in the T&C that excludes it from being used on this item either.

Good deal - I used this code last month to buy a Humax HDR FOX-T2 PVR.

Plus 8% Quidco takes it down to £288.97. Pretty hot!

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I'd be reluctant to open a credit account, their interest rates are 39.7%

Me too! So pay it off straight away and close the account afterwards.

Ordered this set; 10% discount confirmed over the phone and it should be arriving today.

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Set has arrived and it looks lovely - what a total bargain for £314!


Set has arrived and it looks lovely - what a total bargain for £314!

I agree, bargain...... I was tempted but I had already used the code. Good post !

I can't see how this was voted cold???? I read the comments above and someone mentioned that the TV is not Full HD, well that's because you can't actually buy any make of Plasma TV with a 37" screen with Full HD.... you can only by 37" LCD tvs.
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