Panasonic AA 10 Pack Battery at B&M for £1

Panasonic AA 10 Pack Battery at B&M for £1

Found 24th Oct 2017
Panasonic AA 10 Pack Battery RRP £1.99 - Creat for all those Christmas gadets
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Always buy alkaline. Zinc carbon batteries drain very quickly and work out expensive in the long run.They are also prone to leakage.
These are very poor batteries, Ive got loads at work and they drain in no time at all. The only worthwhile use I can find for them is in a clock. they are somewhat hollow which is never a good sign.
These are also in Heron now due to the takeover. the same price, aswell as a lot of other things, wrapping paper, Halloween decorations, candles, Christmas decorations, tea towels... and more.

i only use these batteries for the tv remote, drain to quick for anything else
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better with a pack of 6 alkaline from poundland; unless you need batteries for 5 remotes/clocks and only have £1 to spend.
Yeh these batteries are dire, burn out in no time at all. Although you can't expect much for a quid these are probably some of the worst batteries I've ever bought.
these things are crap, 20 for a £1 and they woukd still be dire
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