Panasonic Breadmaker SD 254 - £58.73 @ Makro

Panasonic Breadmaker SD 254 - £58.73 @ Makro

Found 12th Mar 2008
Panasonic Breadmaker SD 254 £49.99 + vat making it £58.73 - this is the best price i have found . The reviews on the breadmaker are excellent, there is a newer model SD 255 but the only differences are it has a nut dispenser (instead of you putting them in) and a rye bread setting, everything else is the same. The instructions are the same book for SD254/255.


The Best Brand in Bread makers.:whistling:

Couldn't ignore the cold voting. Although these are occasionally cheaper on Amazon this is a good price and Panasonic are the only sensible choice. My only reservation is that traditionally home made bread is much nicer - but few have the time for this.

I have this one. Makes great bread, just as nice as home made imho.
I LOVE the granary bread it makes. If you use added ingredients a lot, might be wise to go for th 255 with the automatic raisin dispenser though.

it's a good price, I love my Panasonic breadmaker, voted hot

Got one of these at Christmas when the Amazon deal came up - very easy to use and gives good results if you follow the instructions. It's great to wake up to the smell of a fresh loaf which has just finished baking:thumbsup:

Would have prefered the 255 model with automatic dispenser though as I have missed the time period to manually add ingredients on this model a few times as the warning beep isn't very loud.

Yup, good deal.

I too got the amazon deal just before xmas and for £40, it was worth every penny.
The bread it makes is fantastic and the dough is also great quality. I have become quite good at shaping pizzas from dough because of this machine

not a bad price. i've got the sd 255 and much prefer it with the nut dispenser. the other difference is that the sd255 can make rye bread which the 254 cannot.

nice price , BUT isnt makro a card holder/ trade shop only ?


nice price , BUT isnt makro a card holder/ trade shop only ?

Yes, but if you can find a card holder you can take them with you.

Good price for an excellent breadmaker. I have the 255 model (bought for £85 from Amazon at X-mas) and can't fault it. Haven't used the automatic nut dispenser or made rye bread yet so I've effectively used it as a 254 model so far, and I've made lots of different types. Best so far was cinammon rolls... yum!
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