Panasonic DMC-TZ3 Digital Camera + Case +2Gb Card + Spare Battery + 2yr warranty (£277.98)

Panasonic DMC-TZ3 Digital Camera + Case +2Gb Card + Spare Battery + 2yr warranty (£277.98)

Found 29th Jul 2007
This is a great Panasonic camera (smallest compact camera you can buy with 10x optical zoom), got some very very good reviews from places:

PhotographyBlog - 4.5/5 - "This camera should definitely be at the top of your short list if you only require a point and shoot model"

ePhotoZine - 8/10 - "The Panasonic is a very capable camera that will be able to cope with all but the most unusual situations it will have thrown at it."

* Sensor: CCD - 7.2 Mp
* Image Size: 3072 x 2304 pixels (4:3)
* Lens: f/4.6-46mm (10x optical zoom)
* Focus: TTL Auto - 5cm Macro
* Exposure: Program AE
* Metering: 1-point/3-point/9-point/Spot
* Movie Mode: Yes
* Storage: SD, SDHC, MMC
* Batteries: Li-Ion Battery Pack
* Video Output: Yes
* Size/Weight: 105.0 x 59.2 x 36.7 mm - 232g
* Transfer: USB

You can also get the camera on its own from here for £219.99+del, but it seemed better value to get it as a pack!

These are both great prices, bearing in mind its £299.89 at currys with none of the extras!

- Slate

Panasonic TZ3 Black + Samsonite Protector Case + Innovate 2GB High Speed (120x) + CGAS007 Spare Battery
- slate


This is a great camera. I got a blue one from camerabox a month or so ago and could not be happier with it. Bear in mind the free 2 year warranty is there because this will be a US import, mine was, hence the great price (so no panasonic warranty). The battery chargers are universal voltage (110 - 240 Volts) so no problems there and camerabox stuck a plug adapter in the box

The camera is a good size, small enough to be pocketable (in a big pocket) but large enough so it is actually usable (it's actually bigger than my old camera but I prefer the slightly larger size). The 10X zoom is fantastic but as the lens starts at a wider angle than most (for party/group/landscape shots) the ultimate zoom is not quite that of a lens that starts at a 35 mm equivalent.

Black and blue look much better than the silver as well. The memory card slot is SDHC compatible so the 4 GB from play (listed on here somewhere for £15) would be a good buy, works flawlessy in mine and is good for well over 1000 full res pictures or over 30 mins of DVD quality video.

The camera only price is good, but I reckon the bundle is a con.

£220 camera + 4GB card £17ish + 2 batteries from ebay £12 = £250ish and you can choose a nicer case for much less than the price on this bundle as well as twice the memory and twice the ammount of batteries.

The camera is fantastic, the wide angle and zoom are incredible for a pocket camera, bought one a few weeks ago @ £217, camera bag from Tesco £3.97 (great bag with shoulder strap and belt loop, as bag does'nt look too flash it disguises the quality of the camera inside) just ordered [SIZE=2]SanDisk Extreme III SD Card 2GB from for £17.99, spare battery for £3.40 from Ebay so £241 for a similar package.[/SIZE]


10X zoom isn't worth over 200 pounds.This is … 10X zoom isn't worth over 200 pounds.This is better:

No No No, that cheapy little casio is not even in the same league as the TZ3. :giggle:

Have to agree with "adidas addict" the casio is not that good as i was having a messs around with it in Jesspos a few weeks ago and do not rate it and the LCD screen is poor quality and makes the images look poor with jagged lines

Picked the silver TZ3 up from Comet a few weeks back for £228 but had a £15 voucher plus Quidco so ended up paying £206 which is a cracking deal, i would have prefered the balck version but not bothered as I would rather save money than pay the extra for the colour as it's still the same camera

EDIT - picked up a spare battery from ebay for £3 incuding delivery also and just waiting for the Leather case to come in stock at so I will be ready for my hols next month


10X zoom isn't worth over 200 pounds.

Correct, that's why you also a solid metal body, the clearest,brightest 3" LCD to ever grace the back of a camera, class leading image stabilisation and all of the other gubbins that make up a camera, along with great picture quality. For anyone with a real chub on for zoom then you can go up to 15X optical with the extended zoom (although you have to sacrifice resolution a bit - you can go up to 40X with digital zoom but quality suffers). You can also shoot widescreen aspect ratio at the full 7.2 megapixels as the CCD in the camera is actuall just over 8 megapixels (it just never uses all those pixels).

EDIT: NFS, I'm also waiting for the case to come into stock at play (I'm not paying the £28 for the case + battery case), in the mean time I picked up the generic panasonic leather case off ebay for £5. The TZ3 fits pretty much perfectly inside it although the felt (ish) lining does leave bits on the camera so I'm still waiting for the TZ3 specific one in the hope that the lining will be "bit" free.

The actual camera is fantastic, however it aint truly " pocket " size, it is quite bulky.
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