Panasonic DMP-BDT130EB Smart Network 3D Blu-ray Disc Player £49.99 @Amazon

Panasonic DMP-BDT130EB Smart Network 3D Blu-ray Disc Player £49.99 @Amazon

Found 29th Dec 2013
Was looking for a Smart BluRay Player with DLNA and Netflix with favorable reviews (ignore the silly amazon ones and do your own research :)) and this is a bargain for the features.

Best other player I could find for similar price was the Sony BDPS4100 but that is an extra £20.
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Not a bad price but think this is the same price at richer sounds - plus they offer £9.99 5 year warranty
Same price at currys

and there is an android app to control this via your home network
Interesting was £54.99 at currys earlier

but what amazon don't point out is you need a USB wireless connector for … but what amazon don't point out is you need a USB wireless connector for which only the Panasonic one will work and that folks is another £47! How well it works as web browser I haven't found out yet

Or wired.
Have Panasonic heard of Lovefilm yet in the UK?
Or ITV player, 4OD, or 5 On demand. If not should it not be branded "Partially Smart"?
i got this from tesco in a sale earlier on in the year... noise wise this puts the original xbox 360 to shame.
after about 30 mins on playing a dvd/bluray the spinning noise is unbearable
took it back to tesco who said "its just a noisy unit" oh yeah great thanks for that.. their recommendation was to buy a 5.1 sound system to go with it..errrr no thanks
If you don't need the 3d sunction I can reccomend this one…=73
Got it yesterday and impressed with it (and is quiet compared to others)
Saw this in Currys on 23rd December at this price. Still £49.99 on line and if it's higher in the store they will match the online price. No having to wait for the postman if they have stock where you live. They have stock in all stores in Hull, Scnthorpe and Grimsby…tml

Not voting either way as I feel this is now starting to be older tech and probably should be this price and also can be had at most stores for this price as can be seen from all the other threads - so not SPECIFICALLY a good deal.

Just wanted to say however that this has exceeded my expectations. Runs all file types so far, great network capability and the upscaling is excellent. Only downside is that it does not do wifi, but nothing close to this price can do wifi and has great features. I had a pair of 200MB powerline adaptors lying around and it works fantastically. I am now also happy that my wifi bandwith is not further impeded as I have very many devices connecting to my router over wifi.

So although not a bargain from a specific dealer I would recommend this as a good deal.

Why get the non 3D version for the same price if you could get this. It will future proof your purchase and it can even convert 2D to 3D. Again I would agree with al the reviews that the upscaliing of non HD media on this is superb.
Wired is always best over wireless. You don't need to buy the expensive bespoke dongles either if you haven't got any powerline adapters. Just buy a cheap wireless access point like the TP Link one at Argos or Amazon for £11.99 or if you have a spare wireless router and can configure it, you can use that as a wireless bridge.
I was looking at getting this, but just to 'upgrade' to 3d. (Just bought a panny active 3d telly, as my old one broke) I already have the five year old bd35. Is this quicker to load a disc? My one takes ages.

I'm also not sure if 3d will just be a novelty? Does it really add that much?

Voted hot, as it is great value for a first blu ray player.
Got this yesterday. From Argos £54.99 - after seeing smart features on my mums samsung. This model is okay as a basic smart blu ray but wish I had paid a little more and got samsung as there are far more apps and far better interface. Also kept crashing after an hour or so of use when ever I tried to enter anything the screen would try to load then just go black. Luckily I had paired the device on utube with my iPhone so managed to get it going that way. And today the whole unit stopped I couldn't even turn off,I had to switch off at the plug. Not what I would expect from a device I had, had less than 24 hours that as also gone through the latest firmware update. Hope this helps someone
Operating manual for the BDT130EB (page 6) indicates MP4 playback from disc is not supported - if you need MP4 playback it is via USB only. I have a rather disgruntled friend who spent £100+ on what he thought was a versatile Panny machine from further up the model range, yet that also will not play any of his disk-based MP4 home vid collection. Not a unique issue as there are a number of disappointed Panny buyers, examples:…520…CUQ
Just taken mine back to currys. It was noisey spinning the disc. Really surprising for a panasonic! The noise was really annoying on quiet scenes. Seems a few people are having the same issue so beware.
Anybody know whether the DVD playback on this unit is Multi Region (either out of the box or using a known hack)? If not, can anyone suggest a good Multi-Region DVD, Blu-Ray player sourced from Amazon (either direct or 3rd party)?
Reading the manual it looks like you could set it for either region 2 or all. Haven't looked into it any futher yet.
I think the Panasonic "smart" stuff is not really up to standard. If you shop around, you can get a really smart Samsung for this money. Still not perfect, but certainly better, or less bad.
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