Panasonic ESRT81 Shaver. In store only at Argos. Was £149.99 now £79.99

Panasonic ESRT81 Shaver. In store only at Argos. Was £149.99 now £79.99

Found 19th Jan 2011
Panasonic ESRT81 Shaver.

Features a sharp triple blade and an auto cleaning system. Ideal for users with mid beard thickness.

* Mains and rechargeable.
* Battery operated.
* Washable.
* Worldwide voltage.
* 1hr charge time for 45 mins usage.
* 3 foils.
* Charging indicator.
* For wet and dry use.
* Accessories include travel pouch, charging stand, 2 pin adaptor.

Please note that this product is excluded from our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. This does not affect your statutory rights.


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Argos website says this deal runs out on 21/01/2011.
So if you want one, mak sharp, only 2 days
I have known them in the past to extend deals, so it may be longer.

buy a gillette fusion closest wet shave you can get and alot cheaper than this! no matter how expensive an electric razor is it will never shave as close as a wet 5 blade !! ive tried braun and remington in the past

My panny converted me from wet shaving - it's a similar model to this one, doesn't matter if I've got 3 days thick growth the panny wipes it off like it was my 5 o clock shadow - great price for a great razor. Wet shaving is a bit smoother, but such a faff, this is perfect for everyday, save the wet shaves for when you need to be as smooth as a babys bum.

I have a 13 yr old panasonic linier drive shaver and its been superb and used every day. Had a few new foils and cutters mind but still shaves very close. I was gonna replace it and may have had a punt at this one but out of stock everywhere near me, shame.

I always use panasonic wet and dry shavers they are my favourite shavers but this deal is NOT hot. I got what appears to be the same shaver on its own for approx £47 from Amazon a few weeks back.
You don't need the cleaning station because you can simply rinse this shaver under the tap and allow it to air dry.
I initially thought that this might be a linear drive version 14000 rpm which are usually higher priced but it appears to be a 10000 rpm version which even though its slower I personally get a better shave from.
The linear drive feels silky smooth but for me doesn't give as good a shave in all areas unless I spend alot more time going over and over bits.
Also I can find this shaver for a very similar price at other places so as I said not hot.
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