Posted 27 December 2022

Panasonic H-X09E Lumix LEICA DG SUMMILUX 9mm F1.7 Lens £379.99 @ Amazon

£379.99£449.9916% off
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About this deal

Check for Amazon as the seller and collect the £70 off voucher for this price.

Delivery for 13th Jan

Features & details
Compact ultra-wide focal length - At only 130g and 52mm depth, this lens delivers a unique perspective without weighing you down – offering up new creative opportunities with it’s ultra wide field of view.
Half-Macro capability - With a maximum magnification of 0.5x (35mm camera equivalent) this lens allows you to get up close and personal, capturing detail the naked eye might miss, with a closest focusing distance of 9.5cm. The bokeh created by the F1.7 aperture highlights expressive details in close-ups, and the 100° diagonal angle of view captures expansive backgrounds powerfully, giving this lens an unprecedented level of versatile power.
Superb optical quality - Engineered to exceptionally strict quality standards and certified by Leica, enjoy brilliant clarity all the way to the edges of your photos
Large F1.7 aperture - The large F1.7 aperture combined with the ultra-wide 9mm field of view, allows unrivalled choices when it comes to composition. Focus on a close-up subject and keep the background landscape in focus, or take full advantage of the F1.7 by creating a beautiful bokeh-filled background while your subject stands out sharp.
High quality construction - The 9mm f/1.7 contains a number of special lens elements (2 Aspherical, 2 ED and 1 UHR) to ensure image quality across the frame. Aberrations are minimised and resolution is superb
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  1. Avatar
    This works great on the GH6, best wide prime for MFT in my opinion with great colour pop. I used it on a few music video shoots and love this.
    Looks like it could be useful for some night sky photos too
  2. Avatar
    Also appear to be in stock at Wilkinson Cameras and UK Digital for the same price. The £70 off is a current Panasonic promotion.
  3. Avatar
    Looks to be out of stock at Amazon already after I read some reviews. Decided to go for it as I'm getting shoulder/back/neck aches more on holiday now so every bit of weight saved will help.

    Guess I'll get it from Wilkinson Cameras instead.

    EDIT: Also out of stock at Wilkinson Cameras...

    EDIT2: Not heard of UK Digital before but online feedback seems fine/good so ordered from them. (edited)
    I used UK Digital quite a few years ago. Wasn't any problem with my order
  4. Avatar
    Also any discounts around for the PL 25mm?
    Not that I know of.
    I have that lens and a Sigma 30mm f/1.4 which I get better results with so would recommend having a look that too. The Sigma is cheaper too @ £269 on Amazon currently. It can also be found cheaper through Amazon warehouse from time to time. I got mine for a bargain £172 a year ago
  5. Avatar
    Not seen this lens before!

    Tempted to sell my PL8-18mm for this. It's very rare that I need the zoom and when I do, it's not like 32mm f/4.0 is that good anyway. Only worry is that I might be restricted going from 16mm to 18mm (35mm equivs) but I went from the 7-14mm to the 8-18mm and never looked back so I should be ok here.
    Yes, this is a new lens and the reviews are generally very positive.
  6. Avatar
    Tempted by this lens as the widest I have is 12mm. Delivery stated as between 18 Jan and 23 Feb is the only thing putting me off. I'm hoping some of the other camera outlets will reopen tomorrow and have the same deal.
  7. Avatar
    Seems like the offer is available most places but it's hit or miss as to whether it's in stock and available.
    If it's if any help to anyone, I ordered from camera centre uk this morning with the £70 discount. In stock and already on its way. (edited)
    OOS now
  8. Avatar
    Will this fit the L mount S5? I'm confused by the DG?
    No it's a micro four thirds lens
  9. Avatar
    Deal is off now sadly, so gotta look out for it again in the future!