Panasonic HDC-HS20 80GB HDD Camcorder £399.99 or less @ Play.Com RRP (up to) £799!!

Panasonic HDC-HS20 80GB HDD Camcorder £399.99 or less @ Play.Com RRP (up to) £799!!

Found 17th Mar 2010
As it says on the tin. VERY VERY GOOD camcorder.
I've bought one 6 months ago for £570 and I'm 100% happy, still despite today's price. I know it was worth the price...
Amazon price is still £550!! Dabs price £533!!
RRP £630 according to Play or 799!! (JOKE?) according to Amazon.

I am saying "or less" as possibly you can try to use one of the PLAY vouchers below or QUIDCO, so it will be even less...!!

Can be found even cheaper @…tml

for £349,99 but I'am not sure about this store so still recommending as its genuine and haven't had any probs in the past. When I've bought Bluetooth Headset from Play , they replaced with Brand New when it went wrong.

Quick Spec:
* Main Specifications
* Full HD 1920x1080 Recording
* 80GB HDD and SD card slot
* Leica Dicomar lens with 16x Optical Zoom
* Intelligent Auto Mode and AF Tracking
* Touch Screen operation
* Easy Copying to DVD Disc with VW-BN1

P.S. Please go easy on me, this is my first post...


Looks a good price if you want one - good spot

£339 new on ebay - good effort though

Original Poster


£339 new on ebay - good effort though

My friend, eBay is eBay, please always read carefully!!

EX-DISPLAY model, touched by no one knows how many hands...
It says 'Like New' but what if one of the customers left his fingerprint on the lens? Brand New isn't better?

Top price - was going to buy this for £400 from Curry's a month ago, but it was the display model. The HyperFi is cheaper but you need to add £15 for P&P, like you say I'd probably go for the Play deal. A whole 1/2% Quidco too ...

I wouldn't spend that much money on eBay, especially if something went wrong.

Scratch that - just read HyperFi and it's "Panasonic Grade A - One year warranty". So Play deal is a cracker!

Gone up again - now £499.99. Missed it ...

£359.99 now

Thats a refurb - the actual play one is unfortunately up to 500
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