Panasonic KX-TG6524EB DECT Quad Digital Cordless Phone Set with Answer Machine - Black - £52.50 Delivered @ Amazon UK

Panasonic KX-TG6524EB DECT Quad Digital Cordless Phone Set with Answer Machine - Black - £52.50 Delivered @ Amazon UK

Found 3rd Apr 2011
Good price for these excellent quality phones!


Tesco direct: £69.70
Dixons: £72.74
John Lewis: £74.99
Comet: £99.99
Argos: £99.99
Currys: £99.99
BestBuy: £99.99

The Panasonic KX-TG6524 quad is a handsome addition to the new premium quality range of Panasonic cordless DECT phones. This eye-catching, contemporary home phone features an attractive handset with silver finish and a relaxed, ergonomic design for comfortable use. The handset embodies a large amber-illuminated keypad with well-spaced buttons, ringer LED, and a distinctive 1.8 inch amber back-lit LCD display screen. The matching base station compliments the sophisticated design of the handset and includes a handy control panel with message indicator.
The Panasonic KX-TG6524 has an integrated digital answering machine that records for up to 20 minutes and is fully operable through either the handset or the base station. Messages can be played back on the base station or the handset and can be remotely retrieved from an external phone using the remote playback feature. The base station includes a message indicator that displays when new messages are left.

The Panasonic KX-TG6524 is more energy efficient than many comparable cordless phones and delivers up to 17 hours of talktime/180 hours of standby time, per battery charge, making the KX-TG6524 a perfect choice in the home for hours of leisurely chatting, or in the workplace for reliable, frequent operation. The handset can be used to chat in hands-free mode via the superb Panasonic speakerphone with exceptional sound quality and enhanced voice clarity.

The Panasonic KX-TG6524 can be personalised with up to 16 polyphonic ringtones, and contains many value-added features including incoming call barring. The phone has caller ID with a 50 name & number call log, (where caller ID is available) and a large 100-name and number phonebook that can be transferred between compatible Panasonic handsets. The KX-TG6524 base unit can register 6 handsets in total. GAP compatible additional handsets can be purchased seperately for this purpose.

Key Features: Large amber display 1.8 inch Monochrome (103 x 65 pixels), Backlight colour : Amber, Display colours : Monochrome, Amber illuminated keypad, Easy to Use Handset, Handset ringers : Polyphonic (16 melodies), Volume Control : 6-Step + OFF, Receiver Volume: 4-Step, Speakerphone : 6-Step + OFF, Microphone mute, Caller ID, Caller ID Memory: 50 stations, Call Share, Conference Call with outside Line, Intercom (Handset to Handset), Incoming Call Barring: 30, Voice AOH, Any Key Answer, Mute (Soft key), Redial Memory: 10, Date & time display, Alarm Clock, Key Lock, Navigation Key, Call transfer, Ringer Pattern: 5 tones | 10 melodies, Ringer/ Charger Indicator (Ringer LED), Signal strength indication, Antenna : Integrated on base; Integrated on handset, Name and caller ID, Call log entries : 50, Phonebook : 100 names and numbers, Plug & Play answering machine, Recording time capacity : Up to 20 mins, Call Screening, Remote Operation from Outside (DTMF), Toll Saver, Eco Ideas - Standby power consumption reduced by 57 %, GAP Compatible, Repeater compatible, Expandable up to 6 handsets, Handset Locator, Wall Mountable, Base dimensions : 126 mm x 126 mm x 55 mm, Handset dimensions : 48 mm x 30 mm x 158 mm, Battery type : AAA NiMH, Battery type : Rechargeable, Charge time : 7 hours, Mains power : AC 220-240V - 50Hz, Standby Power Consumption: 0.8 W, Number of batteries : 2 per handset, Standby time : Up to 170 hours, Talk time : Up to 18 hours, Base Weight : 170 grams, Handset Weight : 130 grams, Range inside: 50 meters, Range outside: 300 meters, One year warranty

Product Description
100 station Phonebook with 20min Answering Machine
Easy-to-Use Handset with Improved Gripping Feeling
Large LCD (1.8 inch, Amber Backlight)
Improved Talk Quality (Less Voice Interruption than Current DECT)
One Touch Eco Mode
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Good phones
i have a pair
and good deal on both 3 and 4 sets
thanks, ordered.. was waiting for somthing like this to come along so i can happily replace the poor phillips no loudspeaker horrid dual handsets I have had to put up with till now.
Picked these up at this price in Tesco a while ago. Excellent call quality. Thoroughly recommended.
Panasonic, best cordless phones around,great range and clarity. Heat added for the price....
Great price. We have these phones, best phone we've ever had!
Truly awesome phones. Don't have any mind blowing features but everything they do, they do very well. Nice to hold, good volume, no annoying ring tone and really easy to navigate.
Wondering why the quad got more heat than the triple - obviously a house won't need quad (IMHO)
I bought the dual set sometime ago. I need a spare handset, where can I get one ?

Wondering why the quad got more heat than the triple - obviously a house … Wondering why the quad got more heat than the triple - obviously a house won't need quad (IMHO)

Hmm obviously I am wrong then as the phone point is in the hallway so main one has to go there but it's not often anyone is in the hallway to answer it. Then one in the living room, one in the kitchen, one in the bedroom. That leaves me one short in the study so I will have to stick with the 'normal' phone in there.
Two questions:

1. Does this have good [customisable] ringtones?
2. Is the display big enough (for old folks?)

Wondering why the quad got more heat than the triple - obviously a house … Wondering why the quad got more heat than the triple - obviously a house won't need quad (IMHO)

Couple quid more for a spare phone, charger, and batteries in case one breaks. It's a no brainer really.
I wouldn't mind the trio version of these as i'd only use two only!

Two questions:1. Does this have good [customisable] ringtones?2. Is the … Two questions:1. Does this have good [customisable] ringtones?2. Is the display big enough (for old folks?)

My dad's got them, he's old, works good. There are some other Panasonic ones though with bigger buttons which are better tbh for sure fire key presses
I received these a couple of days ago and first impressions are good. The sound quality is good and they are packed with features.

The only negative comment would be that the ring tones are terrible. There are 15 choices, but 13 of those are naff tunes and other two are cheesey sounding rings. You'd have thought they'd include at least one standard telephone ringing sound!
These are awesome got a set last time they were on offer. 10000 tims better than the BT set I paid £20 quid for and got £20 back for on ebay. Backlit screens, clock very clear audio, 4 hqndsets instead of 3. Change the setting on one and it updates all of them. Really good phones.
Ordered last night - been waiting for a decent priced Panasonic 4 set.
Cheers OP.
Panasonic KX-TG8422EB Colour DECT Twin Phone With Answer Machine - Black

paid £55 for the twin in Oct2010... very HOT for the quad deal!!
Good phones just got the quad set last week form amazon for £49.99
these showing as £57.55
back at normal price now - phew, can order
Just ordered a set of 4, planned on having 3 with one as a spare, but I'm sure I can find a socket somewhere!
Mmmm, summerhouse maybe...

Will be glad to finally be able to Bin the Binatones that we've had up to now.

Have some heat OP, cheers.
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