Panasonic Lumix FP1 @Amazon £92.75

Panasonic Lumix FP1 @Amazon £92.75

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Found 4th Jun 2010
Simple point and shooter. Perfect for shirt pocket or handbag

I have the older FP8 model and it's very good for what it is...

Manufacturer's Description
The DMC-FP1 features a 4x optical zoom Lumix DC VARIO lens. The folded optics technology makes it possible to fit the high performance lens in futuristic, flat body. The lens cover can be opened and closed with the touch of a finger, and also serves as a power switch.In iA (Intelligent Auto) mode, 4 detection functions work automatically and simultaneously to optimize your settings, making it easier than ever to take beautiful photos every time.To realize the sonic speed AF, a number of re-engineering and improvements are made including the adaptation of higher-speed actuator, the optimization of algorithms and the parallelization of software processing element. The result is ultra high speed yet accurate AF performance for users to enjoy the airy shooting that has experienced never before. Panasonic also replaced its linear program processing with parallel processing to achieve an ultra high-speed start-up time.The DMC-FP1 can record motion pictures in high-definition. The pixel mixed readout method enables bright motion-picture recording even in low-light settings.The DMC-FP1's large 2.7-inch LCD features high 230,000-dot resolution Intelligent LCD. It automatically adjusts the brightness in 11 steps according to shooting conditions. This LCD provides sharp, clear images in virtually all shooting situations, ranging from nighttime to bright daylight scenes. In addition, the high-angle mode makes the display extremely easy to view from a low angle, for example, when taking photos by raising your hand upward to capture the subject over the crowd.
Product Description

* New ultra slim design digital camera with newly developed ultra thin 4x optical zoom
* 4x optical zoom lens with folded optics to fit in a flat, futuristic design
* Large intelligent LCD for easy shooting and playback
* Expand the fun of photography in the high-definition era with HD movie recording
* The iA(Intelligent Auto) mode for every photographer to be a good photographer


Hot from me.

IMO, this is worse than the FP8.

Only has Mega OIS.
4x zoom
35mm wide angle
Aperture range (3.5-5.9) worse on the wide angle.
Has cover on the lens

Power OIS (newer and better).
4.6x zoom
28mm wide angle
Aperture range F3.3-F5.9 (better)

Everything else is about the same. The FP8 cna be had for £20 more on brand new. Or for £90 refurbised.
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